What’s The One Secret To Being Rich

The One Secret To Being Rich and How To Turn Everything You Touch Into Gold by Tai Lopez


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0:00 what is the one secret to being rich someone asked me that today and I get
0:07 asked this type of questions and sometimes there are little bit to go
0:13 down the wrong path but a few things happen to me earlier today and I was
0:18 like I got the freakin answer for you I’m gonna give you the dam answer right
0:22 here you wanna know what it is you gotta promise me if I tell you this that
0:26 you’ll pay attention cuz i dont wanna throw this out there and people use it
0:30 incorrectly too powerful tool and here it is everything you do
0:38 should turn to gold now you might be like that’s obvious no no this is an
0:45 August will say anything you ever touch if you are working at Taco Bell if
0:53 you’re working at McDonalds should turn to gold
0:57 here’s the three-part test some of you wondering whether it’s three parts to
1:01 the test the first one is someone gives you attack I don’t care what it is it
1:08 was a lift driver who my friends coming over
1:13 need a lift I sent them live like a goober this live driver could not find
1:19 my house even though I live in one of the main streets that there are you know
1:23 are in beverly hills couldn’t get here even with all the technology in the
1:27 world there’s the GPS that they come with their company there’s Google Maps
1:32 there’s ways couldn’t find it ended up in a back alley and I was thinking you
1:38 know there’s three kind of hoover drivers are live drivers ones who live
1:43 up to your expectations that’s in the middle ones who underperform like this
1:48 person just couldn’t find us and then there’s the third and the most rare and
1:54 that’s the driver who you go
1:56 damn I was way better than I thought that was a little better way better than
2:01 I thought if people start saying that about you mark my words you will be rich
2:06 and I’m not just my money and talk about it in life
2:11 everything you want will begin to come to you as a bold statement my my lawyers
2:16 don’t like me saying statements like this you know people might take it the
2:20 wrong way but I’m telling you if everything you touch at work
2:27 socially anecdotally
2:31 anecdotally I should say you know little side things that people don’t tell the
2:35 whole story about your opt-in to this person you and if they say
2:40 person was little better than I thought they’d be everyday you go on the person
2:45 walks away going all the more interesting person and I meant if your
2:49 number driver if everybody that sits in your car goes this person should be
2:55 doing something they’re so skilled issue shouldn’t be driving a new burger or a
2:59 list not that there’s anything wrong with driving I’m just saying you always
3:03 want your life to be increase the shame of being a driver live driver work in
3:08 mcdonald’s but you don’t want to do it forever that’s not how the game a life
3:11 goes you walk through the ranks and you increase and the only way to increase
3:16 you know you can go to college and I’m not anti college I’m a pro college you
3:22 can get $100,000 graduation cap and a piece of paper that ain’t gonna make you
3:27 rich it’ll give you some day maybe I’ll make you look better on the job
3:32 interview and for something you need to get a college degree from a medical
3:36 doctor accounting stuff like that but mark my words if somebody says about
3:42 shoe in every station of life you ever occupy you might be watching this at the
3:48 bottom
3:50 you know that’s what I say that thing about us mean you have been at the
3:53 bottom I’m no rich kids on there was no trust fund for me I was born to a single
4:00 mom I trust fund my dad was in prison and the opposite of us of a trust fund
4:05 that’s the thing about us
4:07 mean you we know what’s up in life winning grow up with a silver spoon in
4:11 her mouth
4:12 we had to learn things the hard way and I’m pass and went on to you that you get
4:16 this one down it not only will change your life
4:21 it would change your health your well your love happiness all for the players
4:26 because like everything you touch turns to gold and you know what suddenly
4:31 things will start to change in your life when I was 19 my first company ever
4:37 started with my mentors talented he never told me two years later he was
4:45 just here in left me a note handwritten said I want you to know time in nineteen
4:50 when you were gathering eggs he had ten thousand chickens I had to take care of
4:54 on his farm and in Swope Virginia he said you know you did a little better
4:59 than I thought and when I did a little better than he thought he gave me a
5:03 little more responsibility and a little more in a little more than a little more
5:06 has some ideas some ideas he still using on the farm now I went to the next thing
5:13 and I’m not saying I’m always doing things were you gonna make mistakes it’s
5:18 the general vibe that you give off people need to be impressed people say
5:23 hey type how do you network with millionaires I can give you the answer
5:26 cuz I’ve done it the right way and I’ve done it the wrong way the wrong way
5:33 where people get a bad taste in our mouths like who’s this full time and
5:36 I’ve done it the right way up a little video I think oppose it where I was at a
5:41 fi words Steven Spielberg and we were talking pictures from few selfies and
5:49 sweet video so sorry doing it and you know I do a lot of stuff yourself these
5:54 apparently I’m pressed him cause when I walked away steven spielberg followed me
5:59 said hey man can you show me how you do that with the camera and i’m taking this
6:05 is the king of cameras Steven Spielberg has been a billion dollars each EU naval
6:13 biggest movies out there
6:15 billion dollars but yet you can impress even those people that’s the thing about
6:22 us even when we came from the bottom I was born in Long Beach all born in the
6:27 ghetto I was important here in Beverly Hills you’re never been the Long Beach
6:32 go to north
6:33 Long Beach tell me what you think when you rise rise by leaving your mark in
6:41 people’s brains when they go up as a little more impressive she’s billboard
6:46 thought undertaking a picture a little video was with just you know anybody and
6:52 I of course I’m not saying I’m a great person can take pictures or videos as
6:56 selfish as with Steven Spielberg but the point is they pay attention talk to you
7:02 on most recently three times at your talk to him spend some time with their
7:06 fascinating debt even a mosque you’ll pay attention I tell ya read a book a
7:12 day he goes oh really tell me a little bit more and you have to find your
7:18 fingers my faith my member your thing you might not be reading books you might
7:23 be a mechanic you know when you’re done these shocking in their car they will be
7:29 expecting that a customer comes to fix up their car in the middle handwritten
7:34 thank you note they’ll come back to your auto body shop if you do that ’cause
7:39 nobody’s doing it because what people expect there’s three levels they expect
7:43 you just fix their car and you just given the keys that’s what they’re
7:46 expected that the status quo get you far it’ll keep you in business but you won’t
7:53 prosper you won’t be rich now
7:57 god help you if you under-performing every person that brings our card or
8:00 auto body shop they go look nicer looks worse you’ll be out of business that
8:05 straight bankruptcy right there one percent 1% of this world figures out how
8:12 to leave a lasting impression on people that’s the thing about us nobody told us
8:19 that stuff I’m telling you the straight dope I’m Kelly knew I’d seen it work to
8:26 bring out the worst circumstances and now you know tens of millions even more
8:31 people follow my stuff and I get hundreds even thousands a day now
8:36 snatches thousands a day of people going hey when I leave that vibe with people
8:42 when everything I touch turns
8:46 old people start paying attention to me that’s what you gotta say that’s the new
8:51 you to this year is the year of the new you like I say something to you it’s old
8:56 but society killed that our parents forgot to tell us that our teachers and
9:01 their public school and the private schools forgot to stick in our
9:04 curriculum that’s the thing about us we should have been taught this along time
9:09 ago but now going to self educated or uneducated by finding the example of
9:13 other smart people and we’re gonna overs or their knowledge and put it in
9:17 practice in our life
9:21 mean you about the same sure we got a little differences among different color
9:27 hair glasses but not at all this big house and Ferrari’s in mansions for you
9:35 I still remember us to place a regular person came from and there’s nothing
9:43 wrong coming from there in fact the best people I’ve ever met came from average
9:47 or below-average circumstances but they increased life is about prosperity life
9:53 is about leaving impression life is about serving your only interest and
9:58 also serving the interests of mankind about taking care of your family and
10:02 taking care of maybe a family you don’t know but at the same time enjoying a
10:07 little selfish pleasure some time to talk to people you have a Virginia Forum
10:12 so when I get back but also given to myself I gotta motivate myself if I’m
10:20 only giving other people when will I give myself when will I motivate myself
10:23 to increase so that I can benefit everything that i touch haven’t turned
10:29 to gold so that other people can benefit from the goal this is the only way to
10:33 get rich you get any degree you want and that’s fine and dandy it won’t try this
10:40 formula you can perform what people expect you can do worse god help you if
10:47 you do worse than what people expect you do
10:49 status quo you’ll be alright you pay the bills you’re going on vacation once a
10:54 year
10:57 house you won’t own the company you will delete the alarm clocks from your phone
11:03 you wake up when you wanna wake up you want skip the commute to traffic
11:09 you want to skip the nasty boss and coworker that you wish you could get
11:13 away from you all skip the sweating at night when the first of the month comes
11:17 and the rents there but everything you touch turns to gold some people say hey
11:25 I wanna make a youtube channel might go ahead make one then send me the link and
11:31 click on it when I click on it that’s what I expect you to ask if it’s
11:39 horrible you never click again but if you click on that you like this person I
11:46 know what they’re doing and it’s already looking good
11:48 turned to gold
11:51 people say time I do public speaking how do you get on these videos with no notes
11:59 and talk some people are impressed that I can do that didn’t expect that you
12:05 figure out how to do it
12:06 you train that’s all you have to do that’s all you have to do is train you
12:11 give you a better speaker than me that thing about us is we weren’t born with a
12:18 silver spoon in her mouth inheriting a hundred million bucks or ten million
12:22 bucks or one million or nothing maybe you got more than me maybe you had less
12:26 once you know the rules like changes that’s what they forgot to teach us
12:34 nobody told us the damn rules this is the damn rule you know people get
12:39 tattoos on my tape deck to this to your body
12:42 everything I touch turns to gold
12:46 alchemists alchemists fleiss give me an example some area in your life where
12:53 you’re under performing in a turning to gold as a common let’s see what it is
12:59 and any means ample something good some cool story the other day a positive
13:05 video player Chris Paul MBA time NBA all-star starting point guard for the
13:11 Clippers you know he knew I come from a little bit of a basketball background
13:15 but I didn’t brag much we were at a dinner together a few months ago and so
13:18 inviting me come play basketball downs Clippers showed up there I didn’t say
13:23 much you know there’s also a star shooting and he was like damn hard time
13:29 beating me BB course but it’s hrs I was in charge by the backboard all the
13:35 theories and all that money half-court shot barely almost headed but again not
13:42 that I’m better than corresponding to be better than a pro basketball player
13:46 don’t get me wrong but I’ll tell you this he walked away from that going just
13:51 doing a little better than I thought that’s all you have to do you don’t have
13:55 to be the richest person would you don’t have to read a hundred books a week or
14:00 even a year but when people talk to you they’re gonna just do this womans I
14:06 don’t think there will be that’s more example enticed on my clothes in North
14:10 Carolina crazy story I’ll never forget where I learned don’t judge people by
14:15 the Alberta sometimes you’ll cut diamonds is doing rolled in Big Daddy
14:21 Kane if you know him one of the original wrappers he’s to come to my club down
14:25 he’d like to hang out at like salsa clubs I think he liked the latin women
14:28 he brought this dude with a big Daddy Kane’s big do big black eye he brought
14:35 his big white guy
14:36 the white guy with a huge version of eminent just dressed all hip hop out i
14:43 think is literature from Detroit
14:46 don’t see his name but kinda well known but he rolls in big games a smart guy we
14:53 start talking i’m talking about business I was working but I’m also doing a lot
14:57 of financed up to Wall Street stuff so I thought I knew a lot of stuff about
15:01 finance she also somehow the conversation came up this guy was
15:04 selling some of these businesses why do you look like you is from you know the
15:10 projects said he started my own business he knew ten times more than me he was
15:16 talking about it man stock options investing schedules and I was gone I
15:20 remember thinking must be fooled me I thought he’d be here but you know what
15:26 that conversation he touched it and it turned to gold he elevated it way more
15:32 than I expected and I always had respect for that guy you know I over time we
15:39 lived in the same city in Raleigh North Carolina people would ask me about him
15:43 do his reputation was going forward to working on his behalf through my mouth
15:48 because I was like hey diz do in knows I’m impress and that’s gotta be you
15:55 that’s gotta be you you don’t like your job you could run your job because mark
16:02 my words I am companies if somebody steps up the game and everything I hand
16:06 them up like you could be the damn CEO you’ll learn CEO is not the highest
16:10 level line to see all my company you wanna be the chairman of the board
16:14 president but he could be the CEO of my company any year two years whatever be
16:21 making a million bucks a year or something is worth the dam and they walk
16:25 by the way this target in a given you somewhere along the lines of if not the
16:29 sixty seven steps check it out
16:31 70,000 people into a last year and the first principle in sixty seven steps are
16:35 somewhat related it’s a little bit different so where is this worth a damn
16:39 factor but they’re these or related topics sometimes people write on my
16:44 YouTube channel universe of fallen you I thought you were just materialistic guy
16:48 who likes Lamborghinis like you can impress me he talked about more they
16:55 didn’t say I’m perfect insane
16:57 amazing they just said you’re better than I thought get people saying that
17:02 about you next time you go to a networking event make sure every person
17:07 you talked to so I spent that out of this person do that actual work for an
17:12 entrepreneur if you’re an employee do this you will rise
17:17 you will write it won’t happen always overnight I can’t promise you that time
17:21 sometimes and mother nature has its own time frame that’s a little slower than
17:26 we want a little more jagged in its ups and downs but Mother Nature a fair in
17:33 the day but she tends to be fair over few years as Charlie Munger said you get
17:39 what you want you have to deserve what you want well tonight yet increasing a
17:42 place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people everything you touch
17:46 turns to gold that’s the thing about us people gonna be saying that about us
17:49 that we say dating grow up at harvard professors as parents dating group going
17:58 all the rich private schools they grow up hanging out with millionaires but you
18:03 know what did I see thats make make a true story
18:09 leave your comments were underperforming and where you’re going up already
18:14 focus on your strengths and weaknesses don’t be afraid to highlight either of
18:18 them I told my strengths are not afraid some people say oh you’re bragging I’m
18:25 talking to you all the people that aren’t allies among you can leave my
18:28 friend I share my wins because those of you listening to my house I want you to
18:36 share your wins with me and I share my failures so that you don’t have to fail
18:43 you share your photos with me so I don’t have to make it i make that same mistake
18:48 and then to everybody that gonna turn on you when you started do this fuck you
18:54 Adam Carolla told me keep a carefully loaded fuck you in your holster and you
19:03 don’t always have to be that crude
19:04 but you can just you know sometimes I say I don’t always where I did like I
19:09 get it to go do your thing given my hand give up dust off the shoulder feel like
19:16 I getting you want to come in here and you wanna kill them by here you wanna
19:23 not let me elevate go to somebody else you in the wrong room let them go
19:31 share your winds don’t be afraid but don’t be afraid to show show your
19:36 weaknesses and when you do that
19:38 weaknesses begin to disappear in the strength start to get bigger and then
19:42 they will proceed you the same people know your name
19:48 alright leave a comment check out my staff have been shown in somebody’s
19:53 behind the scenes I Lopez wants to get in their car way to cars you win
19:58 friend wins wins you win pretty bad snap is titled peers and the number one

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