Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Every Website

top plugins going into 2016 that I continue to come back to when I set up a WordPress website for myself or a small business client

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0:00 welcome everybody rate of Eq here and today I want to discuss the top seven
0:06 WordPress plugins that you should install for every business website you
0:10 create whether your web developer doing it as a hobby or business owner and
0:15 making your own website with WordPress over the years I’ve used I mean dozens
0:21 and dozens of plugins I would say over 50 maybe even over a hundred and when it
0:28 comes down to it
0:29 number one I always try and have less than 10 plugins on every WordPress site
0:34 just so the site isn’t loaded with code and running slow because a lot of times
0:40 that all happened more plugins you have the more conflict there’s going to be
0:44 between the plugins and also the slower your website gonna run over the last
0:48 year so these are the top seven plugins that I tendon star on ninety percent
0:54 eighty to ninety percent of the websites that have created you know they they do
0:58 the business basics very well they don’t do anything magical but they do the
1:04 business basics very well and they allow you to create a really professional
1:09 website in a short amount of time and they really do it the best so let’s get
1:14 started with this list for the first one is advanced automatic updates now this
1:21 plugin ironically hasn’t been updated in awhile however what it does is it
1:28 automatically updates the WordPress core software when new versions come out and
1:33 you can also set it to automatically update your plugins for the same thing
1:37 when the plugins have updates and the reason you want to do this is because a
1:40 lot of time is the reason that where prices updated because of security
1:45 vulnerabilities so you’re gonna leave your website vulnerable to getting
1:50 attacked by a hacker or something like that happening where a lot of bad things
1:56 can happen so the best way to prevent this is that a really strong password
2:01 and to keep your WordPress software updated so this plugin is an easy way to
2:05 do that and they’ll send you an email when the website is updated so you get a
2:11 notification of when different software different plugins are the WordPress
2:15 offer gets updated so it’s good to the next one this one is the only paid
2:21 plugin on the list and it’s back up buddy but frankly I think it’s the one
2:27 of the best plugins that i’ve ever paid to use because it really does give you
2:31 peace of mind back up buddy is from the company I themes and it automatically
2:37 creates and sends WordPress backups to the Dropbox for me specifically because
2:42 I use Dropbox but they also integrate with other services like Amazon they
2:47 have their own service called I deem staffs which is a cloud service that
2:52 integrates really nicely with backup buddy I think they have two or three
2:55 others available but this is great because you can set up automatic
3:00 schedules for your website to back up and what I normally like to do is a
3:04 weekly database backup and either a bi-monthly or monthly full backup which
3:10 includes all your files which will be you know your WordPress files and design
3:14 files and databases all the content like your blog posts and your pages and all
3:20 that stuff the other great part of a vaca buddy is they make transferring a
3:25 wordpress website from one domain to the other incredibly easy so what I like to
3:31 do is build a website on don’t domain that I purchased just a demo domain that
3:36 I use for my clients to show them the website and developing and when I’m done
3:43 that what I do is I use backup buddy to transfer that to the new domain and
3:47 really what they do it’s a sixth about a five or six step process with the you go
3:51 through and they import all your files and your database information from one
3:58 host to the other but the other great thing is that it goes through and
4:01 changes all the URL references to so it does all this and Alex 5467 process that
4:07 takes 10 to 15 minutes max and it’s done before this is something that I used to
4:13 do manually I mean it’s been like I said two to three years before I’ve done it
4:17 manually but it used to take maybe an hour two hours or more
4:21 or if there was any problems encountered when I did it manually whereas now you
4:26 know it’s it’s smooth I can I know that I can transfer website within 10 to 20
4:30 minutes so this is well worth the money that it costs the next one is contact
4:38 form 7 and this is really the only contact form plugin that I’ve ever used
4:43 I’ve been using this for probably five to six years now I think it’s been in
4:50 development for at least that long and I i dont know the stats hand but I would
4:57 guess this is the most downloaded and most reviewed contact form plugin on
5:02 available for WordPress especially everyone and what it does is it allows
5:06 you to easily create multiple forms they could be contact forms they’d be surveys
5:12 you can include a table data that you want you to check boxes drop down menus
5:17 text areas numbers so I mean there’s tons of options for how you can build
5:23 your form and what they do is they give you a short code which is just a simple
5:28 code and between two brackets and when you paste this code into your WordPress
5:33 pages that automatically swap the code for the contact form this makes creating
5:39 and editing contact forms really easy and the contact form
5:45 results just get mail to you specify which email address you want the
5:50 information to get mail to the right number for here is simple 301 redirects
5:58 now this is only necessary if you’re doing a redesign for somebody if you’re
6:03 building a website from scratch and you just buy the domain and they’ve never
6:06 had a website before you will not need this plugin but if the opposite is true
6:11 if they had a website and its already indexed in Google which it probably is
6:16 if the web site exists you need to make sure that you forward that domain to the
6:23 new domain and specifically every page if you have you know saying about page
6:28 testimonials page those tapes of pages and the URL changes from
6:34 their repair from the redesign like for instance a the previous URL was my
6:39 / about that HTML and with WordPress is just gonna be my
6:46 / about / about us if it changes like that you need to redirect one to the
6:52 other because that maintains the SEO benefit and also if any links exists out
6:58 there and somebody clicks on a link that link will be broken if you don’t
7:01 redirected to the way you want to do this with a 301 redirect the permanent
7:05 redirect indicating to Google and other search engines that the link has changed
7:11 permanently from the old link to the new link so what I like to do there’s
7:16 actually a program called screaming frog SEO spider and I believe they have a
7:20 free version where you can go through and see every page that’s indexed in
7:23 Google for you to do this manually if it’s only five or six pages by going to
7:28 Google and typing in sight
7:30 colon and in the domain so you say callin my and it will show
7:37 you every page on my demand are calm and texting Google alright so the next one
7:42 that I want to talk about is sumo May and if you’ve been to my website
7:47 you know listen to any anything but I talked about before you know that I love
7:50 Summa may see miami is a relatively new WordPress plugin that includes a suite
7:57 of tools not just one it doesn’t have one function it has a suite of tools and
8:03 it starts free they have paid options but the free options are incredibly
8:09 useful and includes social sharing so it’ll include social sharing buttons to
8:14 every page in your website or you can specify which pages you want those
8:17 buttons to appear the beauty of it is that you get to choose where the buns
8:23 are and its mobile completely mobile responsive so the buttons can be fixed
8:27 to say the left side of the page on a computer but if somebody’s view and from
8:31 the phone they’re going to be fixed to the bottom of the page and in my opinion
8:35 she mommy does the positioning and responsiveness with the social buttons
8:39 better than any other plugin that I views and I probably just five to 10
8:43 social plugin just trying to find one that works well
8:46 outside of the social sharing they also include image sharing on social networks
8:51 say you have an image heavy website and you want to share on Pinterest or
8:55 Facebook there is at all that you can hover over the images shared directly to
9:00 those social networks they also have a couple different email list building
9:05 tools they have heat maps which will show you where users are clicking on
9:10 your website and they have content analytics which show you how far down
9:14 the page the users scroll and therefore are reading so you can see if your blog
9:18 posts are you hitting the mark or whether you should keep them longer make
9:23 them shorter so they have Etana useful tools that will give you information
9:28 about how users are interacting with your website then you can engage them to
9:34 really take your business to the next level right to the next one here this is
9:39 also an optional one it really depends on what your including on their website
9:43 but a lot of businesses have information which they want to display in table form
9:47 whether it’s a pricing chart a comparison chart or something like that
9:52 where you want just a row column format and this is also an area where I’ve
9:56 tried a few different plugins and table press is by far the best month for this
10:02 this is pretty self explanatory what they allow you to do is just create
10:07 tables see film the table data in your WordPress admin area and kinda like
10:12 contact form 7 they give you a short code where you could swap it out and it
10:16 all give you the table and style it which you can adjust using CSS and the
10:25 last one but definitely not least is SEO by Yoast or used SEO not exactly sure
10:33 how it appears right now and we’re pressed but this is the best SEO plugin
10:38 the you can install on your website and what it does is it gives you a visual
10:42 how your web site
10:43 snippet is gonna look in Google and what you want to do is customize your title
10:49 and your description for each page so that you’re gonna get more clicks on
10:54 Google so this is especially important for local businesses where you can
10:59 customize differ
11:00 pages to different cities or towns you put specific reviews from users our
11:05 customers in a town if you wanna get search traffic locally also if you’re a
11:10 niche market where you know your you have maybe an overall topic for a
11:14 website but you have a lot of different specifics on different areas on that
11:18 topic you can create a lot of different pages on WordPress which is going to
11:23 bring you more traffic on Google for people searching on that topic and if
11:27 you take it to the next level with custom descriptions on his page that’s
11:31 gonna help me out tremendously so that’s all we got obviously you know this is by
11:38 no means a definitive list is really depends on the type of business and what
11:43 your specific goals are and the beauty of WordPress is that there’s thousands
11:47 if not tens of thousands of plugins out there
11:51 the majority of them are free and there’s also a number of amazing pay
11:55 plug-ins like I said back up buddy and I think has a bunch of other PayPay
11:59 plugins in fact I’m a subscriber of their premium plugin suite because that
12:03 gives you access to I think ten to twenty different plugins that have an
12:07 amazing number of functions and I use them specifically for themes toussaud’s
12:11 integrated really nicely and it allows me to create websites really really
12:17 quickly now that I have a process down so if you want to learn more
12:22 you know I do videos blog posts about where Press web design specifically
12:27 local clients have had the most success with local clients because you get to
12:30 meet them in person you build trust with them it’s more of a long-term
12:33 relationship where you are creating a monthly income and a steady income so
12:39 that’s what I’m all about and you can find me at these places website profit
12:45 course that calm and I’m on twitter
12:48 impact of their daily / radar back and I also have the list of
12:54 links in the description below so you can go right through to them thanks a
12:58 lot
12:59 hope this helps you guys saves you a little bit of time of frustration

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