Top 10 Rules For Success by Tyler Perry

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Tyler Perry AKA  Madea an American actor, filmmaker, television producer and songwriter, specializing in the gospel genre Rules For Success

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0:00 if you spread the water across many many see you don’t have as much water or
0:06 onesie I want to know why why is it done that way is there a better way to do it
0:09 is there another way to do it we don’t have to wait for somebody to green-light
0:13 our projects we can create our own intersections man is like wild horses in
0:17 my head sometimes there’s so many ideas and they’re all over each other all of
0:20 the power that you have in all the strength that you have in all the ideas
0:23 that you have are in our born in your uniqueness sometimes you have to be hit
0:27 and sometimes people are not supposed to recognize there’s no chair through
0:31 anything like that but but I will set it straight if something’s wrong you know
0:35 what the thing is when I’m a student of life and every day something in my life
0:38 is is reminding me of something that I could write about everything that
0:43 happens to you can work for you good if you let it we were poor but we were busy
0:46 on the web for people so busy he is an American actor TV producer filmmaker and
0:52 song writer specializing in the gospel genre he wrote and produced many stage
0:57 plays in the nineties and early two thousands here in a hundred and thirty
1:00 million dollars in 2011 and Forbes named him the highest earning main in
1:06 entertainment is Tyler Perry and hear his top 10 rules for success my only
1:14 focus was to do one play and I knew I could get that work everything else will
1:21 come to pass there so many people go in so many directions they in this week
1:26 they’re doing this and next week they doing that in next week they doing this
1:28 and next week they gonna be a real sick the next week ago opened a lot of those
1:33 those kind of people all over the place and I usually try to get them to focus
1:36 focus on one thing one area all of your energy into watery if you spread the
1:43 water across many many see you don’t have as much water for one C so focused
1:51 on one thing
1:52 make it your priority and stick with it no matter what no matter how many people
1:57 told me know no matter how many people like to do no matter how many tons up
2:02 with the show hope nobody came when I did my very first show I worked my butt
2:08 off
2:08 $12,000 taxer terms to make money I saved it work hard save myself for the
2:15 poor taste with that show up
2:17 thought that 1,200 people will come over weekend 30 shelled out and I knew
2:24 everyone but I didn’t stop didn’t determine that was in 1992 93 same thing
2:33 happened
2:33 94 95 96 97 1998 saying devastation nobody showing up in the audience I’m
2:41 still unsure year working with different promoters trying to get the show and
2:46 nobody showed up but I didn’t stop and my my my what I say to you now looking
2:53 at me now here I am human being there is no difference between my human and your
3:01 employees
3:02 the only thing is it you’re trying to get here can stop believing in any way
3:09 no matter what anybody says no matter what anybody tells you you have to know
3:14 what the knowing it and it is a seat is a feeling when something is for you this
3:20 is how I news from you when something for you there’s this feeling that is the
3:23 downside of you will not allow you to let you have it will keep you going when
3:31 you can’t even keep yourself going that’s why the mantra Studios is not
3:37 place where he even dreams to leave because there comes a time in your life
3:41 where you were stressed and you try to get there and you couldn’t on your own
3:46 but you have a dream and that dream has to take on the belief for you because
3:52 you can do about it so what i would tell you this film’s stop narrow your focus
3:59 2011 and make it work that will give you one of the most difficult things for me
4:09 when I first got to Hollywood was trying to understand how it’s done
4:13 I’m now I’ve never been the person that walked in the room is that and they say
4:16 stand here move here said the move go and do that do that do this and do this
4:20 and you’ll get here I’m the person goes that move here go here do that I go okay
4:24 well why we’re doing this I wanna know why why is it done that way is there a
4:28 better way to do it is there another way to do it and if you tell me this is the
4:31 way it’s been done all of our lives for a hole that makes no sense to me i’ve
4:35 always challenged it I’m not I’m not a rebel but I’ve challenged to thinking
4:39 and I do that a lot of my own studio now 24 people come in with this complete set
4:46 of rules of this is how it’s done well does that feel right to you so it’s
4:51 about what what feels right I’m hoping that I can I wanted to use my gift to
4:55 not only make us laugh but to make us think I wanted to use film to not only
5:01 entertain but to let us know we don’t have to wait for somebody to green-light
5:05 our projects we can create our own intersection
5:11 that we don’t just have to act we don’t have to be at the end of the line
5:33 waiting for handout we can be at the front giving the hand up and
5:40 and I want to show us that we don’t have to wait for somebody to give us forty
5:45 acres and a mule we can buy our own
5:52 and I wanted to use my childhood to let everybody know that no matter you can be
5:58 born into a whole lot of a nightmare but you can God can assure you into a dream
6:04 I love to work there’s a script have my head now has been in there for about two
6:08 years that I really have to sit down to write because it’s almost like giving
6:12 birth because sometimes the ideas or man it’s like wild horses in my head
6:16 sometimes there’s so many ideas and they’re all over each other I have to
6:20 take this idea and let it be born because if not it’ll push everything
6:25 else back what I would say to people who want to become means don’t become may
6:28 become the best you you can be because what I found very early on is that all
6:34 of the power that you have in all the strength that you have in all the ideas
6:38 that you have are in our born in your uniqueness and what makes you unique and
6:42 this may sound really it’s just really true what makes you unique is what makes
6:46 you special and if you don’t if if you spend your whole life trying to conform
6:51 trying to be whatever somebody else thinks you should be or it into a mold
6:55 off into the system and Udall down your specialness then you’re dialing down all
7:00 of your ability to change the world so I think that is very very important that
7:03 people have an opportunity to be the best themselves that they can be I want
7:08 to talk about something that happened recently with a friend of mine he called
7:11 me up he said you know you’re contagious so I’m a contagious he said you know as
7:16 soon as some time working with you now I’m gonna start my own business segment
7:19 is great he said well we see it you know don’t is not an impressive and I was
7:24 explained to him never never despise small beginnings the Bible says that
7:28 never disturb never despair as small beginnings there are things that
7:31 happened that can happen out of the small this little start that can change
7:39 the world
7:40 also he was telling me how frustrated he was because nobody notices him where
7:45 nobody sees him as nobody will give them a break and isolate him about it my
7:50 whole life and sometimes sometimes people are now trying to pushing a gift
7:56 card to try to be saying they’re doing all of this stuff sometimes God will
8:00 hire you and let me tell you how I know that in my life
8:04 I was under the radar for a very very long time in 10 for the most part I
8:08 still believe in a really AM I was kept from a lot of things a lot of kept from
8:17 being exposed to a lot of business ideas in business situations and business
8:24 thoughts or how things were run and buy me being kept away from that it allowed
8:32 me to not be tainted by so sometimes you have to be hidden sometimes people are
8:38 not supposed to recognize you sometimes people are nuts bolts invited to the
8:41 table you can be angry about it and accept it and find out why why am I
8:47 being hidden because I tell you now that I went the route that I wanted to go
8:53 what would have happened is I would end up in Hollywood and did the deals that
8:58 everybody else had done and there would be nothing different nothing spectacular
9:04 about the blessings that I’ve received it would just be an average story but
9:13 because I was hidden because they didn’t know how it went because I didn’t know
9:17 how things were supposed to go in film and television that ignorance allowed me
9:24 to carve my own way I know this may be difficult for some people understand
9:29 that but he was because I was hidden because nobody knew what was going on
9:36 with the success that I was having on the plays it was all underground when I
9:41 got there I was able to make deals that were unprecedented they didn’t think
9:46 there was anything to it because they didn’t know who it was completely
9:52 underestimated the great thing about being hidden is that you can be
9:57 underestimated and when you hit and you’re underestimated you are able to do
10:02 some things that will not only change your path your life but the lives of
10:10 millions of people the ones around to your children your family
10:14 uplift and change everybody and everything so what I say to you if
10:20 you’re struggling you fighting to be saying sometimes you’re supposed to be
10:27 hidden is not your time we’ll be seeing you stayed the course Lauren which you
10:32 can walk in the path that you’re supposed to at this time and at the
10:37 right time God will reveal you your talents and everything you’ve done to
10:43 the world in the meantime prepare I like working with people who like to have fun
10:49 because I like to have fun I don’t think everything has to be serious
10:59 this should be fun
11:07 the place should be fun the movie should be fun should be allowed atmosphere
11:10 should be a place where you come and you want to stay all day because I gotta be
11:14 there for 14 hour so if I’m gonna be around the people we may as well try and
11:18 have a good time so I have no problem with switching it up and that’s what’s
11:53 so great about they know how far we can play in colorado is when we get that
11:59 stage even though we’re having fun they know is very serious to me this riding
12:04 Metro waiting for a new movie things like those in temptation you know what
12:10 you think is man I’m a student of life and every day something in my life is is
12:14 reminding me of something that I could write about like the Best Buy met
12:19 somebody that I thought was really really special
12:21 we never we never crossed any lines but she was amazing she was married again
12:25 hear me clearly we never crossed any lines but what happens is when I swear I
12:30 wrote this movie I started thinking about what if what if what if and that’s
12:34 how I write these stories cuz I just keep asking myself what if what if what
12:38 if what if so it starts with the nucleus of just me meeting someone that I was
12:42 very very attracted to thought she was amazing you know that I probably if I
12:47 push the envelope I probably could have so I was Tim did she was tempted but I
12:52 have a respect for the union of marriage and I also believe you reap what you sow
12:55 so I would never do something that I feel would come back to me one day I
13:01 always only want to put out good things cause I don’t want good things come back
13:04 to me but in saying that that’s where the story came from the first initial
13:08 nucleus of it and then I just sad
13:10 all the other stuff what if we had given in what would have happened and what
13:14 would have this and what would have bad and then that’s where this came from I
13:17 found out in life that everything that happens to you can work for you good if
13:21 you let it no matter how bad no matter how traumatic you know for me my
13:25 turnaround came when I came up out of everything that he did and I realized
13:30 after doing that everything that happened have brought me to this
13:34 position where I am now and has allowed me to be able to write these stories and
13:37 then develop these characters because had I not been through those situations
13:41 I wouldn’t have the experience to be able to do that what can you tell other
13:45 people not everybody can afford their be can go out and say you know what I just
13:51 got it within myself all habit but how do you get that person on the street or
13:56 that person who feels like these are the four walls that I am just stuck in the
14:02 thing about it is what that’s why I think my shows all the plays that have
14:06 done in the in the movies have been so successful is because a lot of people
14:10 can’t afford therapy I never went to therapy but what these what what my
14:14 characters are they speak to give advice in situations on trying to put a mirror
14:21 in front of people to say is this made it provokes thought it makes people want
14:25 to operate it offers change or the possibility of hope and I think that
14:30 what’s important to poor people who are really really going through and don’t
14:35 know how it’s just one sack for me but faith that’s a lot of totally believe in
14:38 God and people may believe in other things but for me was God faith and
14:43 prayer and and that for me
14:45 had had there not been church and help me get through those things I don’t know
14:49 what it was
14:49 let me tell you about their I just started junior high school in order for
14:55 me to get high school had to walk through the drug dealers literally step
14:59 over the whole worse and the drug addicts walk through a graveyard then
15:02 the next block past gang members and then go through the projects and then
15:07 come to a six-lane intersection and it was always busy but just beyond that was
15:12 the school on Monday as I’m approaching this intersection I hear this voice
15:16 saying will someone help me cross
15:19 it was in a suit you have a cooler and folding lawn chair in one hand and his
15:28 cane and the other will someone help me crosses people kept ignoring walking
15:34 paths in with their busy lives we were poor but we were busy on the web for
15:38 people so busy help you in my 13 year old changing voice is that why thank you
15:48 sir may I have your shoulder I was at and talk about giving your soldier
15:53 December as a yes sir he said don’t trick me now said no sir i want we cross
16:00 the street from where he was going he told me that he was going to to my
16:05 school to sell hurling candies to the kids so how come to the school he said
16:10 thank you and he told me that God would bless me for my kindest you know I
16:15 became friends we took that walk every day I came out of school one afternoon
16:19 and there he was sitting outside on the lawn chair selling brilliant Candice 25
16:23 cents and I saw one of the kids try to buy candy right when they gave mister
16:27 butler dollar and they told him it was bob dollar bill I stepped in and I said
16:30 most of all of this is cam needless to say I had a lot of enemies that that’s
16:34 cool but it didn’t matter I was glad to do it
16:39 you see mister butler was one of the first men in my life to see me and what
16:45 made it all the more special is that he was blind he was appointed like one
16:52 morning I was late meeting him in as I walked up to the end excited
16:55 intersection I could see mr Butler standing there not saying a word so I
16:59 tripped up behind him and i said im just gonna wait to see what happens he said I
17:06 know you
17:08 said yes sir I said I didn’t hear you saying was someone help me cross is
17:15 there no I was listening for you said you were he said yes sometimes in life
17:23 son when you pray and you said all you can say all you have to do is stand and
17:29 wait and listen what appointed like he was
17:40 in this world that are wanting waiting saying asking begging hoping will
17:49 someone help me cross we all have the power to be a point of life thank you
17:58 god bless thank you so much we made this video because bodacious 40 asked us to
18:07 have another trip renew mine you want us to profile leave it in the comments
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18:12 we’d also love to know which up Tyler Perry’s top ten rules meant the most to
18:16 you leave your comments will join in the discussion thank you so much for
18:19 watching continue to believe and we’ll see you soon

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