Top 10 Rules For Success by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar mostly famous for He’s a spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation aims to relieve individual stress, societal problems, and violence.

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0:00 he’s a spiritual leader and founder of The Art of Living Foundation the Art of
0:04 Living Foundation aims to relieve individual stress too tired the problems
0:09 and violence in 1997 he established the International Association for human
0:14 values he’s Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and hear his top 10 rules for success I am
0:22 one who always better comes to criticism I lose people who should become judaism
0:28 and we bought enough to get the criticism is coming out of the Taiwan
0:36 that someone is criticizing so that I can become better than it is always
0:43 loved but if someone is just jealous you’re trying to pull some wonder then
0:52 that is coming from nearly freaked mindset so constructive criticism I feel
1:01 everyone should welcome criticism the compassion criticism for most adorable
1:09 tea and it should always be welcomed if you can raise them but I meant nothing
1:18 can shake it’s one thing that people try to embrace yeah this is a mild form of
1:30 mild form of feeling I’m I’m comfortable to some of the comfort zone feel that
1:43 little uncomfortable then you know I believe you can have
1:59 what they’re trying to grab something and if you are can I save your all
2:43 global people we have to learn something from everywhere in the world and I would
2:49 say we have to learn the position the timeliness and the commitment from
2:54 germans the world to be perfection is always germans they take it sees is
3:01 always from England the mannerism it
3:07 business salesmanship Americans teamwork from Japanese Japaneses so good in
3:20 teamwork similarly spirituality from India human values maturity compassion
3:28 totems India so we need to get the best from every part of the world and the
3:36 coming generation will see that sort of global human being of course technology
3:44 has shrunk the whole world into a global village today through technology in one
3:50 second
3:51 be communicated the whole world in the same here if you can tune of our minds
3:57 to the simplicity to caring and sharing
4:03 we will find the whole world is lunch family global times when you want to
4:10 have balanced you will definitely I would you just want my life this hot
4:21 it’s a good enough you’re you’re moving in the direction this question simply a
4:30 result would do it you know you can do it
4:34 your consciousness will not balanced
4:39 missing out on this consciousness got too much brick me you’re forgetting your
4:52 family by your children your husband and you don’t gotta doing too much money so
5:00 much in the family and forget about all other things in your consciousness Rick
5:06 my god what I’m according to what did they get into they are not just was
5:12 doing this not be useful to the world had to do something to pursue my cause
5:24 to do justice to my work but there’s one thing to keep balance in life that very
5:35 thought is good enough it’s like the fuse in the electrical system you know
5:43 the fuel cell just what the future will break and feel like the little amount of
5:55 guilt must be there like the fusing the system we don’t justify a little bit is
6:06 ok to have like the fuse
6:14 people without passion in order to anything in their life you need passion
7:00 especially they need to her passion like passion to get into depression
7:08 passion is it would only passion this has been the prob only passion will lead
7:15 to disappointment to you need to have a little bit tired but it’s a lot of
7:29 activity and it takes sometimes you need a single speech and meditation
7:42 ability to let go and move forward that they would I mean if you have the
7:54 process goes to the continued on this all my life
7:58 are they change if I change what is the last day we’ll phase one of the problems
8:07 I may encounter you have to be you have to see how much the change will make you
8:14 better part of the changes going to make even more problematic but I don’t change
8:19 just carry on with whatever you’re wrong
8:22 you know you can’t change you have made it all this is yet to go you know being
8:37 a bachelor after you have had a cute once you have a child then you have to
8:42 be a father and mother and continued there no point in regretting the past a
8:51 doctor but you became an engineer and after 25 years of serving as an engineer
8:58 do concern or made the wrong choice either no point now you can go back to
9:05 the study the school and become adopting an engineer but it will you have to be
9:16 the process he said to achieve anything in the world needs effort to achieve
9:25 anything in the world
9:27 pleasure any material thing we want to achieve it needs a fresh look at the
9:37 benefits that medication bring it all the more relevant all the more needed in
9:49 ancient times meditation was used for him like to finding the self
10:01 and meditation to get rid of 32 coming come problems
10:13 meditation has been to improve one’s ability to day living apart leaving
10:27 aside enlightenment if you see the social stuff today to stress change it
10:36 comes from 12 manatee the more responsibility of having your life more
10:43 is the need for medicaid
10:45 life is much larger than failure and success
10:49 life is much larger than we are much beyond tomorrow if you have this trend
11:06 if you can understand this knowledge that you like liking nobody can thank
11:16 you so much watching I made this really because show good around what asked me
11:19 to so there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profound thanks leave it
11:24 in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do I also love to know which of
11:27 the top ten rules had the biggest impact on you leave it in the comments and I
11:31 will join in the discussion thank you so much for watching me to believe and I
11:36 see you soon

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