Top 10 Rules For Success by Napoleon Hill

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Napoleon Hill mostly famous work, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the best-selling books of all time and the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success as well as the law of success in 16 lessons

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0:00 he was a popular American author he wrote the book thinking go in
0:04 haematopoietic here and here
0:07 top ten Christmas success a definite purpose must be accompanied by a
0:14 definite plan for entertainment
0:16 followed by appropriate action now you have to have a purpose you have to have
0:19 a plan and you have to start putting that plan into action and later the
0:23 gentleman did not really important that you’re playing it is in fact it’s not
0:28 too important because if you find the juvenile data plan that’s not how about
0:33 working in all this change you can modify your plan but it is very
0:37 important that you be definite about what it is you’re going after what your
0:41 purpose news that let’s be very hard to adjust yourself to other ppl state of
0:47 mind and difficulties so as to get a loan peacefully with them and to refrain
0:52 from taking notice of tributes circumstances in your relations with
0:56 other people by refusing to allow them to become controversial incidents great
1:01 people always avoid small it’s been some controversy when possible if you want
1:07 the mind pick up an idea and the farm ahead so that the mine will
1:14 automatically act upon that idea you’ve got to tell them I’m what you want
1:19 over and over and over again no end to it when mister kuwaiti came over here
1:26 some years ago when these famous for me alone
1:30 day by day and every way on getting better and better he heard about other
1:36 people but a very great member more than that he didn’t kill her and I wonder if
1:40 you would know why
1:44 there was not there was no feeling put into that statement you might get to 12
1:50 blown the lid that to make a statement to let you put them feeling back of it
1:53 unless you move in the pocket side note the file something on the order of this
2:02 one gives loose-leaf page one right down a clear description of your major desire
2:09 in life
2:10 day one circumstance or position which you will be willing to accept that your
2:15 idea of 66 and remember before you begin lighting but you’re on vacation goers
2:22 which you set up in your own mind from this other system for you to on page to
2:29 your notebook right down a clear statement of precisely what you
2:34 intending to give in return for that which you desire from and then start a
2:39 riot try to stand now to begin living so we memorize both of your statements but
2:48 unions are and what you intend to give in return for it and a repeat them at
2:53 least a dozen times they always and your statements with this expression of
2:59 gratitude for the blessings with which you are gifted at work in a dominating
3:04 the plan on purpose which is backed by that state of mind known as fate has
3:08 taken over this section of the mine and acted upon immediately I don’t know for
3:14 sure later the gentleman but I suspect if there’s a relatively small number of
3:17 people in the world any one time to understand the principle of players who
3:21 really understand that the know how to apply even if you do understand it you
3:27 don’t back in double action and they get a part of your
3:30 habit live you might as well not understand because faith without deeds
3:36 is this they without action is dead faith without absolute belief is dead I
3:48 don’t know how you’re going to get any results to believing unless you put some
3:51 action back of that belief the internet if you tell your mind off enough that
3:56 you have they done anything I’m gonna subconscious mind will accept that even
4:02 if you tell your mind off enough to have faith in yourself and your life who had
4:09 complete faith in yourself that you wouldn’t hesitate to undertake anything
4:13 you want to do in life
4:15 benefit that would lead to you your personality determines whether people
4:20 are attracted to you or shy away from it is the show window in which are you
4:25 display your character to the world and it is the one thing which distinguishes
4:30 you from all other human beings it is your trademark by which people recognize
4:35 you and it is the thing which determines your success or failure in selling your
4:39 self to life therefore you should see your personality just as others see it
4:44 so you may improve it where it needs improvement if you would sit down and
4:49 put our our our account of the actual work day for one week and then an hour
4:56 by our count of the time that you wished you could devote to anything you want if
4:59 you wanted to bed linen you’re gonna get another shot
5:02 we’re not official you don’t have three hours and hours to sleep about eight
5:08 hours and hours of freedom but you do anything that you want to do it here in
5:13 this country where we live and then there is a purpose makes one more alert
5:18 in recognizing opportunities related to the object of one and it inspired the
5:24 courage to embrace and act upon those opportunities and now we all the
5:30 opportunities almost every day of our lives which if we embrace them and acted
5:34 upon them
5:35 could benefit ish but there’s a there’s something in the should we call
5:39 procrastination we just don’t have the will of the alertness the termination to
5:45 embrace opportunities when they come along but if you condition your mind
5:48 that this will not only embraced the opportunity but you do something better
5:52 what could you do better than embracing opportunity make me opportunity that
5:57 that’s the idea
5:59 success is something which has to be played and success is something which
6:04 had to be earned in advance through there is such a thing as left but just
6:09 remember that left it’s something you can create for yourself if you know the
6:13 rules and follow them just as I get them to you remember to let success in the
6:18 higher brackets to achieve it is something that can be had only by taking
6:23 others along with you and the best definition of success which I know is
6:27 this success is the knowledge with which to get whatever you want from life
6:32 without violating the rights of others and by helping others to acquire the
6:38 minute that you decided something you know that but you know you’re going to
6:42 do it naked is that have been bothering you they pick up their baggage and get
6:48 out there just move out they can’t live in a positive mind can you imagine a
6:52 negative and a positive frame of mind occupying the same space as the same
6:56 time could you imagine that now you can be done and did you know that the
7:01 slightest bit of a negative and mental attitude is sufficient to destroy the
7:05 power of prayer
7:07 did you know the slightest bit of a of a negative mental attitude is sufficient
7:11 destroy your plan whatever you’re doing you have to move with courage with faith
7:20 with determination in connection with going out for definitely have a mind can
7:26 conceive and believe
7:29 the mind can achieve profound statement you’ll notice that it says nothing about
7:37 the need for education but simply that whatever your mind can conceive and
7:42 believe your mind can achieve now if you loved evidence that the mind can achieve
7:48 whatever the mind can conceive it without the benefit of formal education
7:52 you’ll have to remember the Thomas a Edison and see the idea of becoming an
7:58 inventor and live to become the world’s greatest sign in the field of invention
8:04 but only three months of common school education
8:09 thank you so much for watching this video because business asked me to so
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8:17 below and I’ll see what I can do I’d also love to know which of Napoleon
8:21 Hill’s top ten rules you love the most
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8:28 watching UT to believe

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