Schema Markup SEO WordPress Plugin For Local Business

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Video tutorial on how to create Schema Markup review and SEO WordPress Plugin to Getting All Your Websites to climb to the Top Ranks of Google WITH Project Supremacy without Any Link Building, Coding, or Work At All for local Search Engine OptimizationĀ  or Affiliate

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0:00 hello hello everybody this is Todd Spears and I want to welcome you to
0:07 project supremacy version 2.0 this is a new plug-in we’ve been developing over
0:13 the last several months and hope you like it in this first video I am going
0:18 to go over just an overview of what’s inside
0:23 ok so the first thing you have here obviously after you activate the plugin
0:28 installed and activated put in your email and your license key to open up
0:32 all this other stuff so we have here is API settings we have some affiliate
0:37 marketplace’s integrated in here so that you can find things to promote on your
0:43 site
0:44 relatively easily so we have integrated market health we have integrated Amazon
0:49 you get their API key and Clickbank nothing here just click this button to
0:55 go out and get a new click click Make update feed ok another cool thing that
1:03 we use is picks up a lot of free images hundreds of thousands of not more images
1:09 that you can search and Poland will show you how to do that over on the pages and
1:13 posts area we have an icon to be able to grab the images and I definitely want to
1:19 be using images on your side in your articles and whatnot and I will show you
1:25 what we can do those images in order to make your rankings more effective
1:30 we also have an I need articles API so go there
1:34 jerusalem get a key and put it in here and you’ll be able to order and tree
1:39 articles from within your blog and all that stuff another couple services we
1:45 user and to capture or to capture I would highly recommend that you go out
1:50 and get both of these are really cheap you can fund your account for as little
1:55 as $5 and get exactly a thousand or more calls social achieve this works really
2:04 well when we’re trying to
2:07 get data from Google Google sometimes will throw up a capture to make sure
2:12 you’re not a robot which we are but we get by that using these capture services
2:17 so make sure you get as many of these API’s as you can get him in circles
2:23 you’re going to a specially capture you need that right away right away I need
2:27 articles you need article somewhere so and articles good conditional formatting
2:34 I would not change any of these these numbers in here are are are edible and I
2:40 wouldn’t change the Safari you right away I would wait and get a feel for
2:45 everything you can always set back to default if you you know make some errors
2:50 in here but this is gonna do is going to color code our competition grids based
2:56 on the settings on these numbers and you feel like for your particular nature
3:01 industries II the settings a little bit off and you want to change a little bit
3:04 just kind of gives you a better understanding of the key word data that
3:10 we’re gonna be pulling in and analyzing here in order to make so that is the
3:17 conditional formatting more about this from heart and how it’s used and even
3:25 switch it from affiliate to local because there’s different settings are
3:29 things that we use for each of those living on this my friends is super super
3:35 powerful ok this is what’s called a couple different names all part of
3:40 what’s known as a Semantic Web ok you can just google Semantic Web and learn
3:46 more about it it’s pretty deeps pretty heavy but this particular area of
3:51 Semantic Web is called schema so we love you like to call it structured data what
3:58 this is going to do is gonna put in put all of the lot all basically you have to
4:03 fill out all of the stuff on these on this on these settings right here
4:08 and then after you fill them out and say we’re gonna do is we’re going to prepare
4:12 the structured data for you and put it on your home page so that Google and
4:18 other search engines can just pull out structured data and know exactly what
4:24 you’re targeting for local especially for local or some other things that we
4:30 can do on here for other types of sites as well in some cases you guys might
4:37 have an existing client site that may be stuck on page two were stuck on page
4:42 three you’re stuck on the bottom of page one I promise you if you just do this
4:46 one piece right here you’re gonna get a tremendous bumping your rankings
4:50 very important for local right here ok next time we have as proxies we use
4:56 proxies to scrape various areas most namely Google to get some information
5:02 that we need from them
5:03 proxies can work they do work if you have good ones most projects out there
5:10 can be bad they die often I preferred a little bit and used to capture service I
5:17 mean even if you get a great proxy service to get across to monthly maybe
5:20 thirty forty bucks a month whereas you could put 40 bucks in your capture
5:24 services in probably last six months certainly that make a difference but I
5:28 know some of you have great proxies I am myself included if you want to use them
5:34 in here
5:35 ok so that is the overview the General Settings now I’m just going to projects
5:43 for just a minute to show you how you can add a new project you can actually
5:47 importa project more about that later
5:50 just real quick that means say you’re building say you haven’t registered a
5:55 domain yet you haven’t quite sure about the site name you just want to do some
6:00 research so you can do start doing some research in here by adding a new project
6:04 for something completely different than what two sides about the sites about
6:08 atlanta midwife midwifery do they call it
6:14 and so maybe the sale wanted to thinking about creating a side for air
6:20 conditioning in Sacramento walking go ahead and create the project can work on
6:24 it and get on my daily sorted out and then export that project and then
6:28 imported into my new side into my new plugin and all my data comes back in so
6:33 that’s what’s importing importing is about the ability to export this data to
6:38 a CSV and then imported on another side
6:42 legislators you to build over here so let’s go to open this will not use the
6:48 Site Ron so this is what the the keyword organization and competition layout
6:55 looks like you can see these red and green and yellow this is the conditional
6:59 formatting and this is based off the numbers that we set over and General
7:03 Settings this is what it looks like a pretty cool stuff right here so we’re
7:08 gonna go into more detail about all of these things up here and how all this
7:12work together so that is the part I mean the projects part which is you know
7:22starting a project making fewer this allows you to build the pages and what
7:25not to fill it we can talk more about the affiliates now that you’ve added
7:29your affiliate API’s you’re able to see right in here and search through these
7:34various affiliate marketplaces and find a product that you like get your
7:40affiliate link and then appear we like to use shortcodes for our links because
7:45then after we create a short code and added to our site and I’ll show you that
7:51in a minute then were able to just simply edit if we want to change if we
7:56want to change in a different link right to a different product we can simply
8:01just edit the shortcode to a new site and new product without having to go and
8:06search all through out the side to wear that affiliate Lee just place it changes
8:10its sitewide using a short code
8:13so you can create short codes and go from there management we’re on the on
8:18the right
8:18more information about that too ok so we also have Clickbank so right here you
8:25can see all the Clickbank products you can do whatever you want to do appear
8:29you can search apply the filters pull out different products all that kind of
8:33stuff right here to search through Clickbank for a particular product that
8:37you are looking for market health here are all the market health products
8:44336 injuries there and then Amazon AMZN also has stuff you need to get your API
8:52key set in place here and it will go back and retrieve all their products and
8:57dylan ryder truck alright so that is basically the affiliate shortcuts
9:06shortcode managers very very helpful make sure using that as well and here is
9:12the articles area we’re going to add eventually you’ll probably see you may
9:18already seen more taps up here for other article writing services were going to
9:22add a couple more in here to give you a little bit of flexibility on what kind
9:26of articles you like everyone loves I need articles I like them I use on perc
9:32like some of them do got a couple the service to added here as well so really
9:38that’s just the general overview of the moving parts inside of here real quick I
9:44want to show you another you know pretty big moving part here and let’s just say
9:50we wanted to edit this front page and I just want to show you what we’ve done
9:55these are our these are our short codes that we’ve added so this allows you to
10:02find the pics pics images this allows you to find YouTube images this allows
10:08you to find all of your short codes of the judge you put them under opposed and
10:11this allows to allows you to get your keyboard shortcuts
10:17down here you can sort of take a look at our the sip-it review seotitle meta
10:25description most of that stuff is carried in from your project creation ok
10:31alright guys will that’s it for this video I don’t want to make it too long I
10:35just want to give you a quick overview of the product I know when you first log
10:39in you might think wow there’s a lot of stuff going on here but it’s really not
10:43that complicated at all don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of things that
10:49are going on in here because once you’ve done it a couple times you’ll really get
10:54the hang of it so give a shot
10:57alright thanks for watching to the next one

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