How You Can Become A Self-Made Millionaire by Brian Tracy

Discover the starting point of achieving financial success and joining the self-made millionaires club! By watching this video I’ll teach you the habits you need to create financial success and become self-made millionaires.

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0:00 hello I’m Brian Tracy when I was in my teens I had a dream to become a
0:04 millionaire by the time I was 30
0:06 when I reach the age of 30 I was broke so I sent it back to 35
0:11 when I reach age is 35 as broke as well
0:14 and then I began to give small seminars once a man called me
0:18 business band he said could I come and speak to these 800 independent
0:22 representatives
0:23 on how to become a self-made millionaire and I said of course
0:27 and then hung up the phone I realized a geez
0:30 I have no idea how to become a millionaire I’ve wanted to be a million
0:34 are most of my life better
0:35 anything about the subject so I began to study
0:38 self-made millionaires I found two things number one
0:42 is itself made Niners have been studied for years and years and years
0:46 millions and millions of dollars so we know who they are where they come from
0:50 and number two is that if you do it other self-made Niners have done
0:54 people who start it was zero and became a millionaire within one generation
0:58 you should get the same results they do if you don’t you don’t
1:01 now the starting point becoming a millionaire
1:06 is to remember the greatest discovery all human life
1:09 which is that you become what you think about most at the time
1:13 if you sincerely want to be rich to achieve all your financial goals
1:17 and he retires a self-made millionaire where the smartest things you can do is
1:22 to develop the habits of thinking and acting
1:24 that enable others to become self paid liners
1:27 what is so hard about this to understand most people are thinking how little
1:32 money they have
1:33 they worry about being broke their way about black and poverty
1:36 their worry about the price is a very thing in there wondering why
1:39 they’re not splurging financially because they’re thinking about poverty
1:43 and lack
1:44 rather than prosperity and abundance now
1:48 these habits a financial success are learnable as all habits are
1:52 I practice and repetition that which you can program yourself to
1:57 think like self-made millionaires and remember has to start on the inside
2:01 before it ever comes to on the outside so the first discovery about the
2:06 thinking patterns are self-made millionaires is that they have a habit
2:09 of thinking in terms of financial
2:11 independence most to the time from an early age
2:15 by a certain point in life they become focused on achieving specific goals
2:20 for financial independence a think about it
2:23 most to the time self-made millionaires discipline themselves to make whatever
2:28 sacrifices are necessary
2:30 to achieve those financial goals a
2:33 organizing reorganize their entire financial lives there
2:37 earnings there investing in ensuring and spending activities
2:41 in such a way that they’re all coordinated in helping them
2:44 move toward hitting those specific financial targets here’s an important
2:49 point achieving financial success is very difficult and it does not happen by
2:54 accident
2:54 it happens by very deliberate design
2:58 and long period have disciplined persistent
3:02 in doing the things necessary go to certain point in life each person comes
3:07 to a crossroads
3:08 with his or her financial goals one road leads in the direction earning
3:12 saving and accumulating well the other only to the direction earnings spending
3:16 and getting into debt and eighty percent of the population take that road because
3:21 it’s fine
3:22 and easy as a fully responsible job you must decide which road you’re going to
3:28 take
3:29 and no matter what road you’ve taken up until now
3:32 you’re free to choose the road that you’re going to follow
3:35 from this day forward wanted a great lines that I teaches that it doesn’t
3:40 matter where you’re coming from
3:41 all that really matters is where you’re going you can’t change the past but you
3:46 can’t totally change the future
3:48 by taking a different direction today the starting point is achieving
3:53 financial success in joining the self-made millionaires club
3:57 is for you to accept complete responsibility for your financial life
4:01 most self-made millionaires organize their financial goals and financial
4:07 eisin
4:07 such a way that they’re network increases
4:10 about eight to 10 percent per year on the amount of money that they have
4:15 working they set financial goals and they don’t look for get-rich-quick
4:19 schemes are
4:20 easy money their patient persistent and
4:24 far-sighted they discipline themselves to say
4:27 and accumulate money over many years
4:30 they don’t speculate they don’t take risks and they don’t look for fast ways
4:35 to make money quickly
4:36 an easily because they’re aren’t any
4:40 as a result that these habitual ways have thinking about their money
4:44 each year their wealth grows a little bit eventually they passed
4:48 the million dollar mark and usually keeps on going
4:51 as einstein said compound in is the greatest power in the universe
4:56 so the key to success is get rich slow
5:00 don’t try to get rich quick when you become the kind of person who can set
5:04 financial goals and
5:06 accumulate a million dollars or more you also be the kind of person can earn the
5:11 second
5:12 and third million as well you know we used to say and I started this when I
5:16 was poor
5:17 is making the first million is very hard but the second million is
5:21 almost inevitable why’s that is because you have to develop
5:25 totally different qualities turn the first million
5:29 but now you have the qualities in early in the second million is much easier
5:33 and even if something unfortunate happens to you when you lost all your
5:36 money
5:37 you’d be able to make it back again fairly quickly because you have become
5:41 the kind of person who can become a millionaire
5:44 once you become that kind of person you never lose it
5:48 there’s a great story about my toda theater director who invested all his
5:53 money in a production and lost it all
5:55 and was broke and someone wants that has Tim
5:59 a mike has a feel the poor he said I’m not poor
6:02 he said poor is a state of mind I’m just broke and that is temporary
6:07 and within a few months he was back on top again is once more
6:11 a self-made millionaire because he had the mindset
6:14 to self-made millionaires did not gain financial success
6:17 merely by like lot does not factor into it
6:21 in order to become a self-made millionaire you my set financial goals
6:24 and work toward achieving
6:26 financial success every day and if you do that
6:30 persistently and consistently day by day
6:33 week by week month by month you will achieve
6:37 all your financial goals

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