How to Transfer Entire WordPress Site to New Host

Video tutorial guide on How to Transfer Entire WordPress Site to New Host

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0:00 hey everyone this is James Hunt here with a
0:03 nother hour press it or room so this is gonna be so real that is
0:09 up extremely helpful to anyone who build web sites
0:13 and that needs to be able to transfer an entire WordPress website
0:18 to another poster domain so
0:21 for instance II create website professionally and I usually create them
0:26 under a sub-domain
0:27 and then I move them over to a client’s up
0:30 URL so I
0:33 base then she to be able to transfer entire website
0:37 now you can try to do this using the word press important next for future
0:42 however I just doesn’t work correctly you know you’re not gonna get
0:45 up all your pages and plugins and content everything like that so
0:51 when I say we wanna migrate or transfer a website I mean the entire website
0:55 all images plugins your SEO settings you know everything like that so
1:00 today I’m actually I do that our any three things
1:03 the first thing really is the duplicator WordPress plugin which is free
1:09 the second thing really need is it the website that you want to copy
1:13 and the third thing we’re gonna need is the domain
1:16 they were going to be transferring the website to you
1:19 so opera stars on the show you
1:23 the website that we’re gonna be copying now as you can see
1:29 it is Happy St Tupper any marketing dotnet so what I was talking about
1:33 with creating website under a sub-domain branding marketing is our
1:38 marketing agency and we will create
1:41 up website for clients under kinda staging server
1:44 which we use up demands for so as you see it that PST
1:48 top remarking that net so this is the website that I want to copy
1:53 as you can see you know we have a a slider at the top in
1:57 you know some content widgets I photos and stuff like that
2:02 we have a couple pages I’m you know there’s a
2:05 a rental your request a quote kinda contact form
2:09 little portfolio page were some
2:12 different images and stuff like that so when I
2:15 transfer this website over to for social doubts to calm I what
2:20 everything this transfer so that’s what we’re gonna be doing so step one
2:25 is going to be to go back to the WordPress dashboard and
2:29 go to your plugins and add new now once the
2:33 plugin area comes out we’re gonna search for
2:37 duplicator to cater I should be the first one that pops up as you can see
2:45 others been
2:46 over million downloads honestly this
2:49 up again is a life saver not only can you
2:52 a copy and transfer website which you can also create up
2:56 are create up backups in databases you know
3:00 which is just you know been a lifesaver for me
3:03 so anyways really go ahead and install this plugin and once we have it installed
3:12 gonna go ahead and activate the plugin okay now let’s go over to the
3:20 left hand side were pressed Ashbourne and stroll down to duplicator
3:25 just go ahead and click on the duplicator plugin
3:28 and then up at the top there’s gonna be packages or create new
3:32 so basically packages are gonna be any existing
3:36 website or I’ll database backups that you have saved
3:40 we don’t have any sore and go and create new and
3:48 the venue is she right here is just a name a file that you’re creating
3:52 its today’s date and then the name your website
3:55 and then I’m in order to create a
3:59 a database is you have to be able to pass requirements
4:03 so if you see here is the list requirements for the most part if you
4:06 have any
4:07 you know a fully functioning I you know we’re press I’m having problems you all
4:12 gonna pass not an issue
4:13 so as to include next
4:16 so what this is gonna do is going to askin all the files on your website
4:20 make sure there’s no issues and make sure that it’s going to be able to
4:23 create
4:24 other files that you need an archive so you can see
4:27 I in less than two seconds it passed
4:30 the Askim so let’s go and clean bill
4:33 to right now it’s our
4:39 is putting together the up archive
4:42 and then also a file called installer to PHP
4:46 and that’s what is specially going to I
4:49 install WordPress on your new website
4:53 so this can take a few minutes on Glenn just possibly do.
4:56 okay as you can see at duplicate it was able to successfully build
5:01 the website archive which was 39.0 two megabytes
5:05 and also gave us the install php file so we’re going to go and do
5:10 is %ah click on the installer to download that
5:13 now metonomy a small file in the morning also click on the archive
5:18 which is the I’m the file with all our website folders and
5:22 and file some we’re gonna go and download archive
5:26 now its 39 megabytes at a relatively small website
5:30 archive you know i’ve seen anywhere from you know this size
5:34 upwards your 300 something megabytes you know if your e-commerce website
5:39 or a website you with a lot of pictures and stuff on it so if your file is quite
5:43 a bit larger don’t worry about it will just take
5:46 you know a little bit longer to download some I’m gonna go ahead
5:49 and pasta video want alan these files
5:53 men just place the files on my desktop contemplated
5:56 okay guy so we have successfully downloaded the installer
6:01 PHP and also the website archive after I’m down on my one and placed
6:06 of the folders on my test option too easy to find you might wonder the same thing
6:10 now the next step in this is going to be a open up to see panel
6:15 for the domain they were wanting to transfer the website too
6:18 so we copied from our sub domain now we’re gonna
6:21 open up to see panel for the new URL
6:25 now if you don’t know how to access your website see panel I made a video about that
6:30 explain how to access the control panel a place a link in the description below
6:34 but for this video
6:35 I’m assuming you already know how to access the panel I once ran our new see panel
6:41 when scroll down to databases and click the
6:44 my sequel databases basically what we’re gonna do is bring create a new database
6:49 and a new user
6:51 for any website so
6:55 let’s go and create a new database we’re just gonna call
6:58 word press can create that database
7:04 and go back
7:07 and the next thing you know i jus recruited a user in a sign that use the database
7:13 solution call this ad man and then create a password
7:17 okay now we’ve created a user
7:26 and the next thing you’re gonna do
7:31 is assigned the user to the database did you see right here
7:35 database we want to use is Word Press Andy at users can be the admin
7:41 so let’s just go in and it when asked you what privileges you on a sign that user
7:47 she’s going to click all privileges and make changes
7:50 and then we’ll go back so if you can’t remember this
7:56 information go ahead and write it down as you’re gonna have to use it
8:00 in the next step love the process
8:03 another created this database miss users click to the home
8:07 Missy Penna home and navigate to
8:11 files right here and file manager and open up the Webroot
8:16 fucking asshole now we’re in the Anna
8:20 the web root of our new domain in the File Manager
8:24 before I go any further I wanna go ahead and show you what I’m
8:28 what the website currently looks like that we’re going to transfer any
8:32 the domain to so I’ll just put the new URL
8:36 which is
8:36 fun a social Dallas to calm to educate see there’s nothing there
8:43 it’s just a a plank I am play site with index
8:46 and that she didn so if you go back to the File Manager
8:51 you see it here’s SCG had been a
8:54 you know you see it for a social so what we want to go ahead and do
8:59 is upload the installer got PHP
9:03 and the website archive we downloaded using duplicator
9:07 so as you can see here since Aug PHP
9:10 I’m gonna go ahead and upload that now to take second because it’s a small file
9:15 and I once it’s complete really go back
9:19 and you can also install the
9:24 our house now
9:29 uploading your archive might take a little bit longer
9:32 and the installer obviously it’s gonna be a larger file
9:35 so I will just give that a minute and I’ll attend upload
9:40 okay now that the website archives has been uploaded to our file manager ringo
9:47 and click back
9:48 in go back to the the Webroot a file manager
9:52 so as you can see right now we have three files
9:56 we have the CGI been we have the for social Dallas website archive
10:01 name also had the installing up PHP so let’s go n
10:05 open back up ahora social Dallas to calm the way it was when refresh that
10:10 and as you can see we now have those three files
10:15 in our um in our index to the next step is going to be to run the installer
10:20 peachy so just take whatever your URL is right here
10:25 go ahead slash installer top PHP
10:29 and ask and bring up the to
10:32 the duplicator installer so
10:35 what we’re gonna be doing is we’re gonna be creating a new database since there’s
10:39 nothing there
10:40 as you can see the requirements are that it passes
10:43 in order to
10:44 install files so your host you should be obliged to keep local host
10:49 the name is gonna be the name the database that we created a minute ago
10:54 so if you remember be with PS Dallas
10:58 underscore work Press the user
11:01 was PS Dallas underscore admin and in our password not recommended
11:11 a hearing test connection for you do anything just to make sure that your
11:16 database username and password is correct you
11:20 OKC you seen it we were able to connect to the server
11:24 in a database was found so go and scroll down
11:28 to I red all warnings and notices and run the deployment
11:32 and basically is telling you that is going to
11:35 I install a
11:39 install the installer and then
11:42 run the ARCA a guy so
11:52 here shown you what all settings are
11:55 it was the subdomain PST dot Branning marking dotnet
11:59 and the path it was in the new settings it’s going to be
12:02 under photo social dow stock com and out the house can be for a social doubts are
12:07 calm some
12:08 we’re gonna go ahead and run the update an hour it to the final step so
12:16 right here you can see that the raid 0
12:19 I deploying airs and 0 barest
12:23 there was one morning but as long as just to warn you not to worry about it
12:26 so next step teacher I wanna do is hit
12:30 save your permalinks so the window that just popped up
12:37 after he saved permalink is taking you to
12:41 on the WordPress dashboard login screen so go ahead
12:44 interviews name from your old website in the password
12:49 so like I said everything is transferring from your website
12:52 that means that you were
12:55 all of your users are transferring as well so whenever
12:58 username and password you used to longhand and
13:02 your website is administrators can be the same using password:
13:05 what’s going click Login
13:17 and now Washington login gonna go ahead and come down here
13:21 and click Save Changes
13:34 okay are permanent structure has been updated now he seemed to top
13:39 reserve duplicator install file still exists in the root directory please
13:43 delete these files to avoid possible security issues
13:46 well go ahead and remove these files now we should just take a second
13:51 okay so as you can see it out
13:58 successfully removed all the files so now all we can do
14:03 is a open up a new window and then type in
14:08 the URL to your website and everything work
14:12 you should have any a exact replica of the website
14:18 she copied so here we are actually a social Dallas to calm as you can see
14:24 that the slider I and
14:28 all the content that we are topping from the staging server
14:32 just to show you I
14:36 the rent a funded with contact form it’s there
14:39 email addresses can be sent to send your message is to use exactly the same
14:44 and also on portfolio
14:48 all the images are there so everything is there
14:51 now if we go back to that were pressed ask for
14:56 you’ll see that I’m olive your plugins are near the duplicator plugin is there
15:01 so what we have here is an exact copy
15:05 our old website anyways guys that’s my tutorial for the dame
15:09 if you build web sites and you transfer them over
15:13 this is the way to do it easy as fast and
15:16 you get everything you needed you have any questions on
15:19 how to migrate or transfer work truck Press website

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