How to Set up A WordPress Site Property Tutorial

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Step by step video on how to Setting up Your Niche Site with Proper on Page Optimization aka SEO

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0:00 okay guys out here we’re back
0:03 for the on this journey I his video 3
0:06 on what we’re doing this video is some basic stuff
0:10 to advance to basic work precedent has been set up
0:13 into advanced on page optimization furniture more server hosting on where
0:18 you over shoulder as I along the Host Gator change my
0:21 yesen go day and install WordPress
0:25 then word is on page optimization
0:28 optimize this site for the dish that we’re sorry NAT
0:31 first article optimized that first or was well
0:34 all rights what’s the right into it okay yes we are inside our country
0:39 out and this is the second time shooting is part of our video you know why
0:42 shot for series and I look at the domain name Eric SS
0:47 doubt it wrong I so stupid yet I still make money online you guys can do it
0:52 also
0:52 are so I changed domain to
0:56 or anxiety Dakar just a few things I T
0:59 ABC’s created 10 texas’ brain
1:02 spankin new okay I know I’m hosting with Host Gator
1:07 so I’m going to change my name servers
1:10 to the name servers
1:13 whose year
1:19 just like that
1:20 K work
1:25 we’re
1:28 okay said see that way
1:33 all right now we’re going to log into those
1:37 years panel and
1:41 this will work
1:49 are so I already have to me in this can now
1:52 sons gonna be I don’t mean for me that
1:56 Go Daddy Rep knew you and
2:00 through in here United backed their
2:04 see penalize year
2:07 means put name
2:14 past were p
2:17 fraud
2:22 yes him that’s weird
2:33 alright 60 seconds back
2:38 and now since our users appointed
2:42 as an add-on the main install or so
2:46 I love this special offer isn’t
2:50 views install work for us
2:55 in you fine or
2:58 the name
3:02 or I E
3:04 aren’t will back
3:09 dress youth
3:16 alright
3:24 install so sex change the user’s couple minutes ago
3:29 your first yep
3:33 this probably not ready yet watch for our
3:37 no
3:40 see is not propagated were I’ll
3:45 so we will wait a couple minutes come back to login work rescue
3:49 the installer Press writer I’ll
3:52 stock theme and named optimize
3:56 the site
4:01 all rights it’s been about five minutes
4:04 and the website is ready to go so let me grab my password
4:08 River changes
4:11 layered hacker brain use site
4:14 you all non how r II are
4:18 first thing we do here guys changed her links
4:23 name
4:26 a I’m
4:30 only plugin medea
4:35 no I use euros in all honesty a
4:38 you your chain Julie use them both all the time
4:41 I don’t perform only other euros actually has the advantage
4:45 the edge right now but it really doesn’t matter
4:50 people event
4:53 want school gyms
4:59 30 turns
5:02 home home tonight
5:06 okay sorry guys I our website to make you run after that nocturnal panic
5:10 attacks
5:11 so in the title I want to be.
5:14 overall only brought okay because very seldom
5:18 is a website so next down to you that one tiny little topic
5:23 so do you want to see a brawler overview
5:26 what the sites about also he only things I
5:29 she are as I young age
5:32 use the old healing your domain
5:36 or II
5:39 up
5:46 hewing or anxiety
5:50 natural
5:54 on St met
5:57 you
6:01 re your
6:07 truces Ted
6:10 are
6:15 so I mentioned panic attacks imaginings i trying to paint a picture here
6:19 you all seem natural one real at the same time
6:22 home description I
6:27 much
6:32 something my earn I’ll
6:36 will calm were I E
6:41 come walking I E
6:44 you are come on fight ok
6:47 anxiety issues
6:51 now of
6:56 rip group
7:01 a change their
7:07 owners I issues losing
7:10 now colonel
7:14 social
7:18 die
7:21 overcomes up
7:31 other said
7:41 trying to descriptively
7:45 so good what this is about exile E panic attacks
7:50 and also and most importantly nocturnal pack tax over how to overcome your
7:54 ideation social anxiety
7:57 and other panic attack disorders bro
8:02 art that’s our Toronto nondescript her
8:08 save this and let’s go ahead and
8:14 believe the mall on now right now I just minutes
8:17 out the default WordPress the arm
8:20 I don’t care what it looks like this point not set up any silos not we’re
8:24 gonna
8:24 structure all on the only US all
8:28 the you for personal use put not your first or
8:31 so I changed the entitlement description
8:35 optimize a good long Merkel that
8:38 you know fire under my ass video to be out for a panic attacks
8:42 medicated actions you see where lanes natural hopefully
8:46 keyword is so easy top ten to fifteen pages
8:50 are misused was just activate this the %um
8:54 okay so now you’re difference
8:58 in a different team
9:01 the fall let’s go ahead
9:04 new post art somehow
9:08 back into I writer
9:14 and go grab Oracle I’ll
9:20 up new
9:31 new
9:31 been
9:39 art so yeah it and is your day handsome
9:42 or none water after
9:46 down rare nocturnal panic attacks
9:54 download
9:59 Oracle look at
10:06 art so if you remember this as well nice beef your
10:10 I addresses severed our cost about four hours but he says that you know I writer
10:17 and in mike candys rejected didn’t like it covered a lot of things
10:21 cover what our doctor
10:24 symptoms not prepared yes did
10:27 has them have only last happens
10:31 gerrymander colleges arts is a nice
10:35 beefy Oracle not nocturnal panic attacks
10:38 in the idea is that people read our home tied or chrome description comes in
10:42 fines
10:43 article say this website bags I
10:46 critically nocturnal panic attacks let’s write not have no links me brand new
10:51 workers
10:51 hope it pops in the top 10 top 15 pages
10:55 I think the does that you know you had a great he were
10:58 I even if it doesn’t Wilson water 2 p.m.
11:01 thanks and see where it lands after that are always process guys to go see what
11:05 gives us
11:06 and take what it does give us so let’s get this %uh proposed
11:10 arch
11:14 I’m just going to go ahead copy all this sometimes four million
11:18 does not carry well and work Press article
11:21 she’s so
11:25 my title
11:35 so i cud or hear the the optimized 11 people
11:39 he had a real website their title the show
11:42 on the website is always like something has you try to get worried
11:47 it’s not here optimize its not whatever
11:50 so you want to do something catches you want with your site nunnery the title
11:54 here 12
11:55 really are want to click the artillery or not been on people then
11:59 so when are you RL structure in this title
12:03 to be like that for you so it’s going to be something like now
12:07 I’m gonna miss this up or killers not terrible not prepared to
12:10 what is that it’s apparent that at night
12:13 so I’m gonna do something like nighttime
12:18 and to
12:26 the sheesh
12:29 nighttime tax the
12:35 have a Wayne sleepy
12:38 China the Sun
12:42 draw people in I
12:52 about nighttime at the care
12:57 the have up
13:03 change it nighttime and tax when
13:06 will
13:17 no no no no time benefit
13:28 ones the to us
13:34 earnings leave 289
13:38 hot for
13:41 night I panic attack turns the into a night alright so that’s good
13:46 sketchy and nighttime pay tax nocturnal panic attack is telling you all this
13:50 stuff about nocturnal panic attacks are right but it’s not route
13:53 so 12 years in
13:57 each want war
14:10 and
14:12 Windsor arts and i cant
14:15 phone I’m
14:22 Russian now I write this or it was on
14:25 would be very careful we do is make sure that I’m a peanut kernel panic attacks
14:30 a million times to this agent it’s the first line
14:34 this sentence I probably wouldn’t you one more time in that
14:38 yet most hopefully it’s not mention to monitor
14:41 don’t do them both video and poor now
14:46 final spot work for our should
14:50 arts again the first paragraph here
14:54 moments ago although nocturnal panic attacks usually last for 10 minutes
14:58 sonya in the for nor the optimizes its gonna pour
15:02 so although so the
15:05 attacks okay
15:09 again we get here here’s your care and blinds or curtains been
15:12 you will be over at my
15:14 you know no this symptoms again should
15:18 word only
15:25 mixes up nighttime
15:28 the optimized
15:32 right arts
15:37 watched it roll fine how many times nocturnal panic attacks and Merkel
15:41 dinner three times we know first two pp 1-2
15:44 down here sorry suggest that 57 percent of people with panic disorder
15:49 experience nocturnal panic attacks so on
15:53 to remove paint nocturnal tax right
15:59 experience this morn
16:04 nocturnal yes
16:18 study suggests that between 57 percent people with panic disorder
16:22 experiences one attack their
16:25 life experts are
16:30 that some who subconscious is some reluctance under power
16:33 relax are more prone whose
16:36 periods
16:45 up
16:49 people’s both accident
17:00 people suffer whether felt your
17:05 the
17:10 word do
17:13 up on which to use gold
17:31 long do this again our
17:34 6 calls much
17:44 it actually
17:50 years the leave
18:01 sense
18:13 changed
18:25 are note in there four times II where
18:29 I don’t know what I mean there again working do
18:36 night
18:44 and workers is only three times we’re finally be optimized
18:50 be careful with that guy specially song to go around at some more you know %eh
18:55 wahines
18:56 making that will work for a year and here in the post
19:00 alright arts org ransom
19:03 images for I’ll this post
19:07 now you don’t want to just go here and my right click and save them
19:12 over there came from think this hormones
19:15 are so I do is I
19:18 wrapped them with J K for a while
19:22 his program GN and
19:27 postmaster course I always
19:31 site my image sources every single time
19:36 so on Tuesday panic
19:39 her in
19:44 are some savings
19:47 well know your eyes and create a new folder
19:51 new folder name is going to be or
19:55 I E
20:00 here’s still
20:04 I’m saving their alright
20:07 thats what you want to do some you pool will reach your image
20:11 comes from your for
20:15 sup again smarmy
20:19 all use wats that’s why
20:27 alright
20:29 so Miller another user to like that
20:32 on
20:35 looks actual ups
20:38 night
20:43 said as God
20:47 be just a little up
21:02 in
21:03 if merchant
21:09 you know more ones
21:13 somebody’s him sold
21:25 in
21:30 go
21:33 keep
21:44 I will say art some
21:54 through these in here I’ll
21:57 to you again doesn’t really matter
22:00 because not been the so logistical
22:06 where pictures so far in this or chrome
22:11 picture very
22:26 means review
22:33 would and now
22:36 or alter good
22:48 tight all
22:53 term
22:59 ins said
23:02 softer it
23:07 year
23:12 nope there year
23:26 in
23:33 so discharge can it be optimized
23:35 where your p and texted
23:38 nice review are
23:45 this is pretty easy year alright
23:48 so we’re going to want to do is a
23:52 we get out to lose north or east side
23:56 yeah i just grab something my
23:59 close year order go to wear
24:03 me it
24:07 miss looks good présente
24:11 used so we’ll look at a
24:16 are more I’m also going to
24:21 this domain
24:24 last night don’t the
24:33 category lives
24:45 law I believe
24:47 feature you use on this the
24:51 dole show up
24:57 well that
25:01 and cannot repeat actor an ex again
25:05 secure doing it self you
25:09 think so
25:15 nerd
25:30 are now
25:33 this item’s description so
25:37 hit keywords are some
25:41 similar I’ll
25:44 related keywords mission call no
25:47 nighttime panicked doctor
25:51 so research there
25:58 you shows okay so
26:01 lot for me things I E up
26:20 9
26:21 mate
26:26 him
26:27 I N with him
26:36 so the road in their nighttime tax nocturnal taxes mister
26:41 used so not her nor
26:44 the same night trip journal
26:52 sorry
26:56 not spell work tonight
27:22 was mister meant
27:25 like then
27:32 okay so I want my title VIII kitchen
27:35 bugle who song go with some similar
27:40 told you know here I type
27:43 turn sleep say nocturnal XI
27:48 the sleep
27:56 making will you
28:08 here say
28:13 I’m from
28:16 because the
28:20 keyword lapierre make sure right here
28:23 description nocturnal panic
28:34 ok
28:35 the for
28:48 from
28:56 from
29:03 killed songs
29:07 do called
29:16 mmm
29:27 up
29:31 do and
29:35 sign
29:42 schisms incall nocturnal who suffers from
29:46 up
29:55 why did
30:00 alright so elusive through its own
30:03 the keyword here
30:07 summer you were here
30:10 summer were here so shipping a pretty good Britain picture
30:13 is what about people not your
30:16 3 p.m. or %ah arts or post this
30:19 what’s a girl will this category said
30:34 are yep recipe
30:39 showed turns 72 in
30:43 together nice first New York he writes a good
30:47 be your rice be K you clean up this for
30:51 here dash were first look
30:56 all this
30:59 all
31:02 pages this
31:06 will worse or you
31:19 the
31:23 right creation wolan
31:27 and for now we’re just going to
31:30 million yeah
31:35 world
31:39 really you should
31:55 you
31:58 called home you
32:01 the
32:04 you
32:09 are here is yes your first post
32:23 on our website all header
32:27 not cool thanks to our own basis for this is
32:30 this is were put out your were index naturally
32:34 and see what happens. should be a couple days
32:38 do next three or four days maybe longer property
32:43 and index I way video you look similar you know
32:48 site metrics I’ll show you how to do it but that’s it
32:51 put this out there published on see this video player
32:55 should you love about on page optimization XY
32:58 consider on page optimization where are you from my web sites i’ll check back
33:02 with us for the next update couple days

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