How to Download Periscope Videos and Replays Instruction

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Step by Step Video Tutorial Guide on How to Download and Save your Periscope Videos To Your Pc/Mac Laptop or Desktop computer software and easy way on how to make money with OF ANY PERISCOPE VIDEO STREAM Plus, One Click Upload to YouTube.

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0:00 how would you like to have unlimited high quality video content at the push
0:05 of a bun for any measuring and one-click upload to YouTube these videos can be
0:11 used for all your social media pose fan pages blogs websites YouTube channels
0:17 video editing projects you name it anything your heart desires don’t
0:22 believe me
0:23 sounds too good to be true well let me prove its you
0:27 hey everyone it’s all here without you marketing company today with an
0:30 outstanding new piece of desktop software fully compatible with PC and
0:34 Mac old scope freaked it helps you monetize allows you to monetize the
0:39 hottest live stream trend in social media today and that led lives in China
0:44 I’m speaking about is called periscope periscope is the fastest growing social
0:48 media platform ever it took only 10 days to get to a million users
0:53 meanwhile it took to Twitter two years
0:57 Facebook about 10 months and Instagram almost three months to get to the same
1:03 levels periscope in 10 days so this is where things are headed if if if wasn’t
1:09 the case Apple wouldn’t have given it apt Apple’s app of the year as of a
1:13 couple weeks ago this is a very difficult title for any company and
1:18 apples quality control app store to get ok so this is a big deal people this is
1:26 where things are headed periscope had 10 million users as of a few months ago has
1:32 grown a lot since then this article is from back then so so back then it was 21
1:37 million minutes a day being broadcast from periscope users so that works out
1:43 to be did the math 21 million minutes or so the forty years of nonstop video
1:48 every day but the worst part is that every broadcast expires after 24 hours
1:55 so what do you do right that’s where school free comes in so now I’ll be here
2:00 I have
2:01 have my Twitter open here on John’s year sometime following this guy you know
2:07 he’s doing some really great things He beastly turned around a failing company
2:11 he’s the CEO of t-mobile he turn around the company as a couple years ago when
2:16 he got on it was in last place and the us- cellular you know environmental
2:22 marketplace any news on his way to being becoming bringing the company number one
2:26 which is a really big deal so I usually
2:28 value what he says so yes she just had a stream as of 11 hours ago a periscope
2:33 stream now you know a lot of these CEOs these gurus these are finance guys
2:41 artists celebrities you know community they sometimes give our golden nuggets
2:46 on periscope but the problem is that you know all these streams they expire after
2:52 24 hours so what am I gonna do not copy this URL right here right and I’m going
2:57 to open up school freak so here we go
2:59 and the DoubleClick school frequency on a log in and it’s the simplest software
3:05 you’ll ever use ever you just paste the URL you set the output filename to see
3:11 the summer desktop and means is John Legere t-mobile Xmas alright and I’m
3:21 going to hit Save and hit start now that clip that we just that I’m downloading
3:27 is about seven minutes long but you know the only limitation school freak is how
3:32 faster internet connection is and where I’m out here in San Diego right now I
3:36 have a decent internet connection is not the fastest but it’s already downloading
3:42 the seven-minute clip in just seconds right now this is the original video
3:47 files so you can really do anything with this you put into an editing project is
3:51 very high quality is not a screen capture so once this downloads you gonna
3:55 see this file pop up right on my desktop you know very easy for you to find you
4:00 don’t have to go to gene your computer to look for it and here we go so now we
4:06 got the file on a double click it
4:08 and its opening up alright so looks like he’s going for a jog and Central Park a
4:16 little fun giveaway ok so you’re talking about a phone giveaway okay and you know
4:22 why he’s running 3.0 voices accountability good she stuck so you
4:27 know this guy he’s a mover and a shaker is obviously doing the right thing with
4:31 the company that he’s at and and and now let’s say okay so now already downloaded
4:36 it and you know something I have to say for example I have a phone blog I have a
4:42 phone blog you know Verizon t-mobile or or or Apple vs Samsung you know they
4:47 used to so many forms like that there’s a lot of Apple fanboys Samsung fanboys
4:51 and fangirls so I’m gonna upload this useful and one-click as he saw it
4:56 already uploaded I’m not allow and minimizes and look at that it’s a ready
5:01 uploading to you too so quickly and easily it does not get a simpler than
5:07 that people I mean that read this while this is uploading let me just open up in
5:13 something to show you something else this is an article from ABC news this is
5:17 about Amanda oleander she is a 26 year old artist from LA now typically when
5:24 artists you know she’s now become a pair of celebrity she has over half a million
5:29 people watched each of her broadcast right from her smartphone and when she
5:34 does your smartphone broadcast it’s basically have heard you know making art
5:38 you know just painting and she’s getting feedback from the audience audiences as
5:44 it has something to do with the art they feel touched by that and guess what she
5:48 end up selling her art over periscope for hundreds sometimes thousands of
5:53 dollars a piece so that right there should be easily took was technically an
5:57 offline business where you need a storefront or an exhibit to sell art and
6:02 now she’s selling it over the you know the Internet over her phone this is her
6:07 Twitter feed of here actually had loaded up and see as you can see over here even
6:12 though she doesn’t have that many followers on her Twitter feed but if you
6:16 look below here you could check out her parents go stream it was about five
6:20 hours ago she doesn’t she does a few a day so there’s so much content so for
6:24 example if I had an art blog or if I had some sort of web site that was you know
6:28 all about artists and art this is something that probably want to add
6:32 now let’s check out what her following is on persico she’s had over 44 million
6:39 hearts sent to her on periscope she has over half a million followers so every
6:47 time she doesn’t broadcast half over half a million people get a little sharp
6:51 on their smartphone to let them know this is really amazing very interactive
6:57 and let’s see how long this this clip is okay so it’s about and over an hour long
7:02 on its own a copy this year and i dont wanna watch it here I’m gonna watch it
7:07 on my own spare time whenever whenever I like so I’m just going to Payson right
7:11 here
7:12 based set the output file naming my desktop named Amanda oleander her life
7:23 of an artist as her as the title of her a fresh rain and hit save and start and
7:35 that’s it people I’m already downloading right in front of you in two separate
7:39 niches one having to do with business the other having to do with art and I’m
7:44 downloading it and and I’m only limited by my internet connection if I had my we
7:50 had a super fast internet connection
7:52 the one you have back in New York then yes i i public houses already year ago
7:57 so this is a smoke-free everybody hope everyone takes advantage of this and if
8:02 you look down below
8:03 grab the Pro Licence you’re gonna get all the bonuses and you gonna get a
8:08 ninja message of getting all the videos that with one click that you upload to
8:13 YouTube get them ranked number one on Google so when anybody searches for
8:17 certain keywords you get them ranked so these are instant downloads any
8:23 periscope streaming 1 yours or anybody you follow this is true video this is
8:29 not having enough not simply a capture so it is a shame hours long and I can be
8:35 waiting hours to get it this is for any niche health and fitness finance
8:40 periscope
8:42 has to do with every every nature out there and I’ve seen yoga classes on
8:47 periscope i’ve seen
8:49 you know just people doing everything and anything I talking about everything
8:53 and anything I was right here the sky over here ty Lopez I’m sure some of you
8:57 have heard of him he does a periscope broadcast today but they all expire
9:01 after 24 hours one of his recent ones was right here that I actually
9:05 downloaded the other day and I’ll show you how loyal is right here this is
9:10 really amazing this was before Christmas how to get one million people to pay
9:14 attention to your idea
9:15 advanced marketing hacks if I click here periscope tells me broadcast not found
9:20 guess what because it was expired but I already downloaded it and it’s already
9:24 on my desktop for you as you can see here is a high quality video clip any
9:29 video software can rotate this the right way we show you this in the members area
9:33 as well and of course if you did the one-click upload to YouTube YouTube
9:37 allows you to rotate it the way you want so and and as many even know live
9:44 content has a huge potential of going viral what’s better than sharing
9:49 something viral that nobody seen before and youre the one sharing and you’re the
9:54 one getting all the clicks instead of someone else why would you you know you
9:58 share something that you know of course people do you know it’s better to share
10:02 something new and to share something that’s been shared a 10 million times
10:06 already so again this is out here with all these you marketing I hope everyone
10:12 sees how powerful school free kids grab the Pro license below get all the
10:16 bonuses get all the training and hope to see everyone on the inside

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