Bill Gates Recommended Books You Should Read

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Bill Gates List of recent suggested books he’s read and thinks you should read too

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0:00 humans are incredibly need and we can see that buying the environment we built
0:10 the things we’ve invented
0:12 other animals or another animals or social
0:16 but we became so deeply social and learned how to pass knowledge on from
0:21 generation to generation initially verbally and in written form now we have
0:27 the digital revolution each generation built on the next to help us not only
0:33 build tools but even ask questions about why are we here what’s our purpose and
0:39 so we’re very different than all the other animals
1:29 are we going to ask you to support another campaign about empowering women
1:33 and girls absolutely because if everyone in the world
1:38 thought of themselves as global citizens it would help make sure that women and
1:42 girls receive the education opportunity and respect they deserve only global
1:48 citizens can make global change
1:55 every summer I try to do a little extra reading here’s a few books I read
2:01 recently that you might enjoy immunity by EULA Biss she explains the history of
2:07 vaccination why children who don’t get back sanded affect those who are
2:12 vaccinated she’s a very good writer I wish I could write as nicely as she
2:18 right should we need by boss loves me it’s provocative the way does the tile
2:24 is those past the responsibility to the reader for we know it’s pretty hard for
2:28 people to give up me there are books that touch on this topic that don’t have
2:32 numbers in that but you know this is Neil you were gonna get the numbers you
2:37 might get a few sentences in between the numbers how to lie with statistics by
2:41 darryl hanah understand what you’re looking at and be willing to say he
2:46 where did that come from this is that accurate it’s a quick read
2:50 got a lot of good example Senate trip to the past even though the basic going to
2:55 make for bill is valid a what if I randall Munroe it’s a very clever way of
3:01 getting to think about various scientific things going on this idea of
3:06 when you see class after MT do you mean MPs in perfect back you and you know all
3:12 of a sudden there was a class city in there where you put the water on the top
3:17 of the back in the bottom of the back on the top of the water on the bottom
3:20 this is clever those are the kind of questions that somebody with the good
3:23 minds trying to figure out if they really understand
3:27 that’s a kind of question you should ask yourself hyperbole and a half
3:33 roche is pretty creative and humorous about making fun of herself and
3:37 revealing her inner thoughts there was one thing about the dog where this is
3:42 one that I told him to read where the dogs getting confused where they’re
3:47 moving and she’s trying to simulate what the dogs thinking and her dog maybe it’s
3:53 true it’s one of the most inept impossible dogs to ever take care of and
4:00 finally the Magic of Reality by retreat talk science for all kids I mean a good
4:06 time to somebody who’s free develop the chain of reasoning apply we know what we
4:10 know scratch many times just to see where there’s polls or alternate
4:14 possibilities can never hurt to reread these things and think through what
4:19 you’re learning we can observe way more stuff than you’d imagine and we’ve made
4:23 more sense out of the stuff we can observe than you can imagine so quite a
4:28 range there in terms of fun to learn on the know about I hope you enjoy them as
4:33 much as I did
4:45 some ways human population which was growing at a very rapid rate is now
5:04 growing at a slower rate because as we become successful families have chosen
5:09 to have less children and so we can see a peak population that makes it possible
5:15 to think about living within the resource constraints we have we can also
5:22 see a decline in violence it’s amazing now because we hear about all the things
5:28 around the world but every sentry the world has had a lot less wore a lot less
5:34 violent deaths and we’ve come to value the work that’s been done in other
5:43 countries making great products and really think together about humanity’s
5:48 common future that piece of innovation will need to surprise us in some ways
5:56 what form this great energy source will be that will avoid us destroying the
6:03 environment that’s an invention that very very important how much care will
6:09 be give towards making true that the poorest several billion are not
6:14 completely left out a little bit of progress there but the inequity level
6:21 still should concern us quite a bit and then there are things that are harder to
6:27 predict for example how important the robots being fifty years maybe twenty
6:33 years ago people when they first heard about robots thought wow that’s pretty
6:36 scary what does it mean but then when it didn’t really happen you know stop
6:42 thinking about it it’s almost like only a curiosity in the movies or toys and
6:47 yet clearly in the decades ahead the cost the capabilities will
6:53 mimic what we’ve seen in science fiction and so we’ll have to see how do we take
6:58 advantage of that as we’re living longer how do we find fulfillment what does a
7:05 working career look like in terms of time in the world will evade on average
7:12 and that brings with it very interesting problems and so there’s no it’s not
7:19 without challenges but the path extend the lifespan more science more global
7:28 understanding cents per common humanity more education more ability to watch a
7:34 great course and not give up the curiosity that you’re born with but try
7:40 to think about the world and where can go and how you can contribute to it I
7:45 think all of these things are taking more advantage of our R&D capabilities
7:51 allows to make fifty years from now
7:54 far better place than even what we have today
8:00 foundation in 2010 Canadian government helping poor countries we got very much
8:33 into the site did helping mothers and children nutrition we’ve seen how
8:40 dramatic the benefits of those things are and so we may end up working
8:45 together on a lot of programs biotech scenes on nutrition Global Fund which
8:53 goes after malaria which is a huge killer children and causes lots of
8:59 problems during pregnancy and so we’ve been learning from each other
9:02 Canada’s Got now from things like the grand challenges that includes a saving
9:08 mines understanding how mental development is held back you don’t have
9:12 the right type of diet if it’s been exciting to see the number of kids who
9:18 died of animal who don’t get enough to eat all of these things there’s been
9:22 pretty rapid improvement also two very positive story we’re committed to you
9:28 know keep learning take the countries where things have gone well as those
9:34 practices to the other countries also a very strong partnership we’ve been
9:39 aligned with Canada’s any any partner and very enthused about what we’re able
9:45 to achieve Prime Minister YS maternal newborn and child health one of Canada’s
9:50 top development priorities
9:52 well I think Canadians have heard me say this many times this is an area where
9:58 with surprisingly little investment we can make an enormous difference example
10:05 of giving a few items
10:08 reduce child mortality was 2.5% this is a case where we can we can go into the
10:14 developing world and literally take cases where people will die and make the
10:21 list and make them have hoped to be productive citizens and when you’re
10:25 dealing with mothers and children you’re dealing with the most fundamental
10:29 building block of society and anything else is good is going to happen in the
10:34 world it starts there and so it’s something we can do we should do and
10:40 we’re able to make a difference and that is what is so exciting about it as we
10:44 see that difference how many states like your top priorities in this area and my
10:48 wife and I wrote our annual letter to the foundation talking about where we
10:55 think the world can get to the next 15 years and the aspiration is that the
11:02 same way in the last 25 years we cut these childhood deaths and half hour
11:07 from 12 linear down to six million we think now in 15 years it can be cut in
11:13 half again so from six million down to three million other several elements to
11:18 that we’ve gotta get all the best scenes that you have some Canadian children
11:23 program that they get get those out all the children of the world tour actually
11:28 more vulnerable to these higher real and ammonia diseases and the recent
11:33 extremely successful fundraising for the Global Alliance for vaccines that Canada
11:39 was a very large and china has participated in that leaves the
11:44 foundation that actually in the next five years will get those vaccines out
11:50 all those children we need to make progress on malaria that’s a significant
11:55 part of the the children’s deaths and so we have discussions today meeting with
12:01 the experts and talking about what should we all should be sad how we gotta
12:06 achieved our overall health is enabling factor and the goal is to have these
12:13 countries be self-sufficient and we’ve seen Brazil Mexico many countries India
12:21 regionally near future will be self-sufficient and it’s not even the
12:27 country’s soon after that are are still in top situation if we lend them a hand
12:33 and help out with these really central issues starting with health education
12:38 agriculture then they will get to the point where they’re completely
12:44 self-sufficient so in 15 years I think the be very few countries left the army
12:49 to be at least half the ones we’re helping today will be graduating and
12:55 that’s that’s great success
12:58 lot of a lot of healthy children contributing to the world
13:03 Minister what are you in now things today and why is it significant well
13:07 just reiterating today what we’ve been doing which is contributing to a range
13:13 of causes on child newborn and maternal health of this includes all the things
13:19 that
13:20 talked about sex scenes support anything like that in housing around the world we
13:26 just want to keep pushing forward at every opportunity in the process of
13:31 developing something called the the new millennium development goals and I think
13:37 we’re both a bit worried there’s a bit of a lack of focus creeping in and we
13:41 just want to keep our country which is so strong and the world
13:45 focus on the really big things where we can make transformational changes to the
13:50 planet so that’s really what we’re doing today and I just want to spend a moment
13:54 I could just talk about the Gates Foundation well girls here it’s it’s
14:01 been just casey Foundation benefit St I don’t think most people really
14:06 appreciate the effect the Gates Foundation itself has had in the
14:12 international development area it’s brought business-oriented rigor focus on
14:21 results achievements it has a range of capacities all the way from scientific
14:27 research through delivery and of course a scale of funding is unique so it’s
14:34 been a great partner for Canada but it’s a great organization that is really
14:38 helping the world really honored that bill to join us just as Melinda join us
14:42 for the conference back and trying to make
15:29 I’m going to challenge three more people
15:45 Elon Musk Ryan Seacrest and Chris Andersen of Ted consider yourself
15:51 challenged you have twenty-four hours good luck

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