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Learn the secret on how to use All In One Search Engine Optimization wp plugins for on page local website ranking video tutorial guide

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0:00 hey guys its markets here from SEO plugins dotnet that’s where you can go
0:05 and get this entire video series all about using SEO plugins for WordPress
0:10 and today what I want to do is a simple little follow-up video to the all-in-one
0:14 SEO plugin you can see video number one at SEO plugins dotnet just put your name
0:20 and email you get the videos the tools and everything and as you can see I’m
0:24 actually editing that site right now
0:26 SEO plugins dotnet and in the first video I showed you exactly how to set up
0:31 the configuration of the all-in-one SEO plugin and now I’m going to show you how
0:37 to edit it on a page and a post now what I did is I have my main keyword up here
0:43 called SEO plugins and tools you want to match these keywords with what you find
0:48 in the Google AdWords tool and whatever keyword tool you’re using down here I
0:54 have a little virgin some content that I got written over it
0:58 get website content dot com where I get all my content look I want you to write
1:03 this based on the keywords SEO plugins and tools so both so both the page name
1:09 and the content have those keywords next what I need to do is scroll down before
1:14 I save this post and i wanna see all the plugin stuff down here and you’re gonna
1:21 see the All in One SEO pack down here you can upgrade to the pro version it’s
1:26 got other things for you as well but for right now what I need to do is I’m gonna
1:29 go ahead and use the title SEO plugins for WordPress instead of using the basic
1:34 title I’m going to go ahead and copy the title from this here
1:40 pagename casing to put that down here is that has my key words in it but that
1:45 their next and you can see what it’s going to look like next time I go ahead
1:49 and do it description now instead of just writing some kind of description or
1:53 something like get top search engine rankings or whatever what I’m going to
1:57 do is go to my Google Keyword planner and I’m going to type in SEO plugin
2:04 like this and the reason I gonna do this is because I want to go and get all the
2:09 keywords that are sub category keyword
2:12 so you see how SEO plugin is my main keyword I want stuff like SEO plugin for
2:17 WordPress SEO plugins that ranked good SEO plugins for free right I wanna get
2:22 all the subcategory words even if they’re below a thousand soldiers per
2:26 month that’s fine because my main keyword is SEO plugin so we’re gonna go
2:30 ahead and turn on only show ideas closely related because I only want
2:35 stuff that includes SEO and plug in order to go ahead and hit save and it’ll
2:40 refresh our search here and now you can see what I call the subcategory words
2:46 which is really cool right we can go in and we can use these subcategory words
2:50 to pick up a bunch of extra traffic now what I want to do is I want to notice
2:54 the words that are alongside my main word and I’m gonna go ahead and open a
2:59 notepad file right here or if you use Mac use whatever they call notepad and
3:05 I’m gonna put down the words that does not include SEO plugin so I’m gonna put
3:09 something like best
3:12 WP local and in simple sites big profits we actually have a tool that does this
3:18 for you it’s really easy you just download the whole list and I’ll remove
3:21 the main keyword that you have all the subcategory words as well
3:26 local a plugin SEO which is also included in SEO plugin something I can
3:31 include that we’re gonna do
3:32 WP actually have WPR Eddie ok next your gonna do keyword and that looks about
3:40 right
3:40 ok so we have we have pretty much everything here and here’s another one
3:44 best that includes the best up their keyword best at WP WP on page A can
3:50 include this on page one video ok will include these here too i dont wanna miss
3:56 out on these so go ahead and you put on page will put video SEO KK plugin plugin
4:06 free let’s put the word free and there everyone likes free ok SEO rank checker
4:11 don’t need that Joomla we could put June July and they’re right like this June
4:18 law like that ok so looks pretty good Yost we could put Yost in there if we
4:25 want
4:25 want but we don’t want to get too carried away with this
4:29 ok Yost so but Yost
4:33 easy and looks like we pretty much have everything ok so looks pretty good so
4:41 now we have our sub category words here and these are all the same category
4:44 words stripped out and all we have to do is go back to our page here or anything
4:50 and created description that includes all these words right so all I have to
4:53 do is say let’s see if I can make this easier or shrink this down for you so
4:58 you could see this year ago
5:02 ok cool so all I have to do is go down to the description and include them so I
5:08 could do something like get the best SEO plugins the plugin plugins for WordPress
5:19 WP and more you will learn how to get the best get local rankings with Yost
5:38 and June locked in an easy way
5:46 get better on page search results now that we got over the limits that’s fine
5:57 if you are worried about going over the limit you can take out some filler words
6:01 like you will ok so if I take out you will that saves two words there okay if
6:07 I they were gonna save some characters so instead we’ll just do learn how you
6:14 can write like that and we can put stuff like instead of how to we could do get
6:20 under the limit right really easy to know what I did is I included all these
6:24 words I think I got all of them best
6:27 WP local keywords on page did we do keyword let’s see let’s see
6:36 get better on page keyword results now includes two now we have all the
6:47 keywords and the only way one over which is good
6:50 next up we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and type in SEO plugins SEO Yost
6:57 plugin on page SEO plugin for WordPress see what else we have here best SEO
7:14 plugins and can I rotate between plugin plugins and they were ghetto video SEO
7:24 plugin pretty cool next cannell URL we’re gonna leave this how it is it’s
7:31 going to go ahead and make that automatically leave all this stuff the
7:34 same we’ve all this the same and go up check it out
7:40 update BAM you’re done now what I just did as I included all the keywords not
7:45 only in the title and in the text that was written again I get my content
7:50 written that get website content dot com very easy and cost me like 20 bucks to
7:56 get like five articles or something like that
7:58 totally cheap totally easy any time in less than 24 hours so we have the key
8:02 words in the content the title and in all the settings for are all in one SEO
8:09 plugin so there you go
8:10 very easy during the next thing you gotta do is check your ranking on Google
8:14 see where it ranks if I’m on page 45 then I need to do some work I show up on
8:19 page one I could do a little work to go higher and I can get backlinks and
8:22 things like that and if you want to learn how all that works and see the
8:26 entire video set in this series go over to SEO plugins dotnet put your name and
8:31 email inbox get the SEO tools learns more about plugins and let’s get some

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