5 Video Marketing Tips To Attract More Lead

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0:00 hey whats up guys it’s me Steve greater here I’ve got five video marketing tips
0:04 to help you attract more least your business
0:07 stay tuned ok folks here’s the thing you know videos are really big part of
0:22 marketing online today is definitely one of my favorite strategies in terms of
0:26 building our business lead generation building our brain just exposing a lot
0:31 more people to whatever it is that we offer some videos deathly more so what
0:35 I’m gonna do in this video is give you five different its marketing tips video
0:39 marketing tips that can really help you do a lot more with your business in
0:43 terms of go to lead generation in terms of building your brand and really just
0:47 exposing more people to whatever it is that you offer you know number one one
0:52 of my favorite I studios his car review videos I do a lot of different types to
0:56 review video talking about different products talking about distance services
1:03 are talking about different companies always like to share my opinions on
1:08 certain stains that that I encountered in business and you can definitely do
1:12 the same things of your marketing a business or marketing a product or
1:15 whatever you know do the video by did not a pitch video they give you an
1:19 honest review about that particular service product opportunity what have
1:24 you done a lot of times it doesn’t always have to be about an opportunity
1:28 or some type of you know business that you’re trying to pick someone who can
1:32 also be about things that you like in life we could be about you like movies
1:35 that a lot of people love watching reviews about different movies that
1:39 they’ve seen
1:40 like really big line people get tons and tons of used and it really helped to you
1:44 know get people’s brand how green pastures own review videos about things
1:49 that you love it could be about a particular you know maybe you like ours
1:53 or maybe you like you know maybe an real estate and you do a lot of you said a
1:58 lot of homes allow me you can give european your review about a particular
2:02 you know property what have you guys he can just review videos jeffrey do work I
2:07 do a lot of her videos I’ve got a lot of videos and I tend to see a lot more
2:12 engagement on those type of videos when you give a review about your particular
2:18 product or about a particular product opportunity eccentrics and again when
2:23 you’re making it making that review video just be yourself you know just be
2:27 very transparent don’t try to be somebody you’re not thinking is all
2:31 about giving an honest review about that particular item whatever it might the
2:36 opportunity maybe it’s about a particular product or what have you will
2:39 review videos do work God again I’ve got a lot of them make a huge difference in
2:45 terms of if you’re creating those videos and promoting them people definitely
2:48 love to see that information and today we love to hear people’s opinions about
2:54 a lot of different things and review video screen definitely do that and
2:57 really get people engaged in and whatever it is that you’re doing cuz I
3:00 know you do a lot of research and a lot sometimes we do research on youtube or
3:04 google to get an opinion about a particular product those interview video
3:09 so deftly I encourage you to definitely something good view details for your
3:13 business or your product service what have you can make a huge difference in
3:17 your business
3:17 ok folks the second tip I want to give you today in terms of creating getting
3:24 more leads with video marketing is one thing that you can always do one of my
3:28 favorite strategies as well as creating training deals I’ve got tons of training
3:33 videos and you know what about those training videos they get a lot of
3:38 engagement a lot of comments a lot
3:40 lights and training video leaving generate more sales because we’ve
3:44 actually brought in a lot of different people in Alton multiple program all
3:49 because we had training videos and and a lot of people like to connect with
3:52 people that seem to be an expert in whatever is it that their marketing in
3:56 one way to really make yourself look like an expert on line is providing
4:01 value providing training to the people that are looking for that type of
4:05 content sorry I remember when we first got started marketing you know some of
4:11 our videos are mostly kind of review videos and we started doing more
4:13 training videos and after we started doing more training videos and promoting
4:18 those training videos we just started getting more and more engagement a lot
4:22 more followers I mean our family just exploded over the years you know just
4:27 because we combine a lot of training as well
4:30 hate this is a training video and guess what you can do the same thing so if you
4:34 are you know what type of training videos I mean you could do training
4:37 videos you know about how to join your business training videos on how to
4:41 market a particular opportunity a product or just marketing in general
4:45 just general training you can do a training video on walking people do the
4:49 back office if your opportunity that’s a really big deal for a lot of people who
4:53 need especially in network marketing and things of that nature
4:56 you know people want to know how to navigate around the back office of their
5:00 business opportunity of providing a lot a lot of content relating to helping
5:05 people get to the next step in making more videos have to get to the next get
5:09 someone assaulted or you know become you know if we make a huge difference in
5:14 your business so I remember just really quick when we first got started in terms
5:19 of creating training videos I did like 10 different videos and they were
5:23 ranging anywhere between five to 10 minutes long
5:27 it all depends on what what it is that I was training on and I just kind of walk
5:31 people through a 10 step process of getting started in the business so
5:35 instead of just creating some big long video actually took all those chips and
5:39 I made individual videos and I put them actually on YouTube and people started
5:44 finding median discarded connecting and engaging with me because I
5:48 had like 10 10 + video about how to become successful in that particular
5:52 programs that made a huge difference you know here we are you know several years
5:56 later and we’re still reaping the benefits from those training videos that
6:00 we created you know three-plus years ago so guys it definitely doesn’t work try
6:04 heard you create some training videos look at look at your business model look
6:08 at what you’re doing with it what you will learn there’s a lot of people that
6:12 don’t know what you already know right now
6:14 crate training videos on loud and make a huge difference for your brand pretty
6:19 elite and borders success of you and your team so deftly can make a huge
6:23 difference in what you’re doing in and outlook of you becoming more successful
6:28 in your particular business or training videos got them telling they were they
6:32 rock I’m telling you to make a difference for our union business or
6:36 training videos you training video ok the third video market if that you can
6:43 use that man will make a huge difference for you and your business in terms of
6:49 lead generation in terms of building organization your business what have you
6:53 is webinars god I’m telling you webinars is we’re set the F lee you know thought
6:59 for anybody that’s news to me but it’s been in the industry for a long time
7:03 when we started doing webinars are business exploded not to mention the
7:09 video that we are already creating we’re getting some really good results from
7:12 that a woman’s are doing live webinars he just really gay people an opportunity
7:17 to engage with the live you know hundreds you know of people on a
7:22 particular you know you know evening for an hour going over an opportunity a
7:28 product service or whatever you can be whatever times then that you want
7:32 without them telling you webinars can definitely make a huge difference you
7:36 know for your business
7:37 there’s a lot of great training available especially with my Lead System
7:40 Pro the show you how to utilize webinars we even have you know a platform
7:45 webinars on air until he got that platform deftly made a huge difference
7:49 for us and I and our business
7:51 webinars deathly do work
7:53 you know what thing that webinars only due to its set you up as the expert and
7:57 you to really loves live webinars you get a lot more juice in terms of
8:01 visibility in terms of exposure when you do an actual webinar Silvassa got a
8:07 webinars are really do work that we can make a difference in your business
8:11 deathly has ours we encourage you to take advantage of webinars are folks the
8:18 fourth marketing tips for today is some video that I really like doing they’re
8:22 really fun they’re really easy to do I call my reality-based videos I think we
8:28 all watch reality TV themes on on on the Internet
8:32 reality TV and entertainment like really big today but you know what is also big
8:37 is that you have that in your own world as well and so when you film or video
8:42 tape just different things that you’re going around the house around town or
8:46 whatever
8:47 even in business it just brings people into your world and because you’re not
8:52 teaching them on something that just really getting an opportunity to know
8:56 who you are more I’ve done some of these videos and getting kinda
9:00 explain what it really is you know for example if I’m actually on a phone call
9:05 talking with someone sometimes I actually taking my video camera and I
9:11 just hit record while I’m actually speaking with that individual on the
9:14 phone sometimes if I’m having a conversation or maybe I’m just out now
9:19 you know towns just driving around
9:21 and sometimes doctors have a conversation with with the camera or
9:25 sometimes we just doing different things me and my wife when a CEO will be
9:29 working on different things here in a hearing at home here in Las Vegas and
9:33 we’ll just I’ll just hit the camera just are hitting you know just hit record
9:36 we’ve done a lot of different videos I’ve shot videos I do not use for
9:41 business that we’re reality-based videos while we were you know going to a comedy
9:46 show
9:46 reality-based videos while we’re driving down the highway so again those are all
9:52 great videos because there’s really nothing scripted there there are lots of
9:57 really don’t really know exactly what I want to talk about I’m just hitting
10:00 record in we’re just going about our day and I think it really does give people
10:04 the opportunity to really see you up close and personal well untouched and he
10:10 giving people your viewers more opportunity more of an opportunity to
10:14 see who you are because it never was video marketing guys and marketing and
10:18 general especially online it’s all about building that no life in truck typically
10:23 just real quick
10:24 lot sounds when I do those are like very short videos anywhere between two
10:28 minutes maybe two maybe three to five it just depends partly no more than that
10:32 usually when I’m doing those videos again it’s just a snapshot of a
10:37 particular moment in my day or in what we’re currently doing at that moment
10:42 just to bring people into our world and it really does make a huge difference
10:47 geisel reality videos until you guys can make a difference and building your
10:51 brain be getting more leads and getting more trust with the viewers watching
10:57 your video so with that said guys hey take advantage of reality videos
11:01 directly to work ok guys the fifth video marketing tips and I want to share with
11:07 you guys today is probably one of the most important ones out of the five tips
11:11 or four different is that I’ve already giving you the fifth one is probably
11:15 most important and basically what that is the video that you create ok if
11:21 you’re doing different review videos if you’re doing training videos if you’re
11:25 doing webinars if you doing you know any type of you know reality-based appeals
11:31 whatever type of the whatever the video is that you create
11:33 what she want to do is promote promote promote the video que promoted videos
11:41 promote the content that you’re creating I had a lot of people just over the
11:46 years say hey Steve you know I made a video I made some videos but I am NOT
11:50 getting interviews you know I made a video last month it’s only got like five
11:54 use or 10 views or whatever
11:56 well and are typically ask that question I’m like well do you promote your video
12:00 so I can you create the video you put it on youtube or whatever you take that
12:05 video wait and do you promote a constant and most of the time you know they tell
12:10 me know that there’s there’s a myth of all I have to do is make a video for few
12:16 videos and just put them on YouTube or whatever and people just aren’t coming
12:20 to to sum it all up when you’re making your videos
12:24 ok one of the most important part 7 just making it pretty good online test is the
12:30 first step which he wanted to immediately after that you want to start
12:33 taking measures and putting things in place so you can promote that content so
12:37 people can see who you are that’s what we did when we first got started when we
12:42 started making videos I promoted him like crazy I wanted people to see me
12:47 first before they see my opportunity to your my product or my service gay videos
12:54 we’re still getting paid on videos that we made way back in 2012 sp1 really
13:01 started doing a lot of video marketing still today lose it again just get
13:05 somebody missed it
13:06 we’re still getting paid from videos that we made over three years ago
13:13 ok that’s what video marketing does give people the opportunity to know like and
13:20 trust you with these five video market and if we make it impacting your
13:24 business
13:25 hey guys I’m still rages hey you guys over the top

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